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  1. Offering a local warranty on a parallel import does not then by default mean you're the distributor. Parallel importing means you're importing a product without the consent or knowledge of the intellectual property owner, local warranty has no bearing on the outcome of this.
  2. I run a sizeable distribution company, we're official distributors for all of our products bar one which we parallel import, we offer a local warranty on these goods and I'm pretty sure this is a requirement in terms of the CPA but could be wrong, either way I feel it the right thing to do (offer local warranty) Return shipping is almost never feasible particularly on something sizeable like a frameset, customs vat / duties on this sort of thing as an individual also gets complicated. In most cases even if we still have a warranty with the vendor its often cheaper for us to write the item off and just replace the faulty unit at our own cost. The other consideration is that a return of this nature would most likely be weeks possibly even months. I personally wouldn't buy a bike if warranty is not local regardless of the savings.
  3. The internals are identical between the Vector and the Rally pedals, you can actually order only the Rally pedal casings from Garmin (although they don't have stock) and switch them between the Vector and Rally, its not a huge undertaking taking about 30 minutes I guess but not something you want to be doing on a weekly basis, perhaps if you're changing bikes on a seasonal basis it could be an option. I've had the dual Vectors from when they were launched in SA and they were bad, battery didn't last, power data not accurate, right pedal power would go AWOL etc... got a brand new replacement pair from Garmin which had the new battery doors and post a couple of firmware updates all of the problems were gone and data is very accurate and battery life is great now. Just got the Rally MTB SPD pedals and did my first ride today on them, power data seemed optimistic but did have a calibration issue before the ride so hopeful that its short lived. I'll try do a comparison between my Vectors and Kickr at some point this week. Overall I think the Garmin pedal power meters have come a long way.....
  4. I ride there quite a bit on my own and have often come across large troops of baboons, they're seemingly not bothered by riders although I'm terrified of them
  5. They won't replace the bottom casing, I broke mine in a crash a few years ago and took it to the Garmin agents who said they don't stock replacement casing but I could pay in (think it was about R1500) and get the new Garmin Edge 520 complete with HRM, sensors etc... Might be the best option for the OP.
  6. Well I've moved to the Cape so still here but Wally is back
  7. Yup, never calibrated it, need a reference point to do that with accurate altitude which I need to find. My issue is not so much that the altitude may be incorrect its more that its not logging the correct ascent for a ride, by calibrating the unit its not necessarily going ensure the logging is corrected.
  8. I went on a ride a few months back and a lot of it was under trees so my Garmin (Edge 520) would pause randomly as it lost GPS connectivity and could no longer determine if I was moving, no problem I thought I'll just use that handy Elevation correction option on Strava, boom sorted. I started randomly correcting the elevation after rides and noticed that the differences were sometimes quite significant at up to 20% even on rides where I didn't lose GPS connectivity, now I know that the GPS data is not synced continuously on a ride but rather periodically to save battery life but surely it should be quite accurate? My question.... Is the corrected elevation data from Strava accurate / more accurate than the Garmin and why is there sometimes such a big difference between the Garmin data and strava data? My Edge is using GPS+Glonass BTW, my Garmin does seem to under read, was on a ride with a mate who has a Wahoo and his total ascent for the ride was a fair bit more than mine.
  9. Cool thanks for the indication, have a set of XX1 cranks on a 1X10 bike I have am in 2 minds about just building this across to that bike but would mean new freebody etc.. and for a bike I never ride probably doesn't make sense.
  10. Why? no cranks in this deal unless you just want to check my cranks out
  11. Cool thanks, I measured the chain and it actually isn't badly worn, maybe I was in the granny gear too much, cassette is also good still. I put most of the mileage on this groupset on the road training for stage races.
  12. I've replaced my XX1 with Eagle so was wondering what a fair price would be for the XX1 that came off the bike? Includes trigger shifter, cassette (think its actually X01), chain and rear derailleur, it has done about 2500km in decent conditions probably only ever saw mud 3 times.
  13. Campag albeit expensive is one of the most serviceable groupsets around, bike shops, distributors need margin they'll sell you entire replacement units not replacement parts. Its hard to support these guys here, they think with their bank accounts and let the brands they supply down in the process.
  14. The Tour’s official medical bulletin later described his injuries as “a hurt right elbow, right hip and right wrist. Multiple grazes”. Source: http://tinyurl.com/oqw6fay Draw your own conclusions!
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