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  1. Hi as i explained on the phone, the CycleOps Phantom 5 has been discontinued (has been for a number of years now) as have all associated spare / replacement parts. We are out of stock with no further abilities to restock due to the above mentioned - product and support parts have been discontinued from the original supplier. Let me know if you have any other questions.
  2. Thanks for your support and the purchase of a Saris Bones 3 EX bike rack, i am sure you will enjoy the rack! When it comes to ladies bikes or dual bus MTB's the use of a BikeBeam is strongly recommended, we are unfortunately sold out of these items are the boom in cycling and December peak season running stock down quicker than expected. Any BikeBeam alternative will work fine, Thule offer something as do some of the local brands, they will all be compatible with the Saris Bones 3 EX.
  3. Have a look at the power2max spider, these are compatible with the new 12 speed shimano mtb cranksets. we have them in stock too.
  4. The CycleOps Phantom 5 is "semi smart" in that is will control the resistance but is is not ANT+ FEC so will not be compatible within Zwift. It will allow you to connect to Zwift and do a workout i.e. ERG mode but will not function in normal sim more in terms of adjust gradient and then you change the gears. Rouvy is the only software that will allow the Phantom 5 to adjust the gradient and allow the rider to control their gears at the same time.
  5. Take a look at the range of iGPSPORT sensors, all of which are dual ANT+ and BLE. Their HR40 is around R900 and the wrist HR60 around R1200.
  6. For this set up my recommendation would be an ANT+ USB else see if your WiFi can be configured for 5GHZ. This would need to be done on your WiFi router. Below is a link to a pretty helpful article on what to look out for and what changes can be made to avoid signal dropouts. https://perfprostudio.com/webhelp/studio/index.htm?page=Interference.html
  7. If you using BLE on a PC this can cause problems. It is recommended to use an ANT+ USB for PC's. Please share more info on the software and device that the software is installed on.
  8. Hi, congratulations on the purchase of your Saris H3. Please can you confirm what software you are using and what device the software is installed on and then finally how the trainer is connected ie an ANT+ connection or Bluetooth connection.
  9. YUP. both the UNO and DUO have a 10% discount going. both are in stock. https://www.bicyclepower.co.za/product-category/pedal-based-power-meters/
  10. Sorry to hear about your negative experiences with the product, since BPT has taken over the brand we have and will continue to work hard on improving the power2max market share and offering customers the support the deserve. The newer NG and NGeco models have had significant improvements over previous models with almost zero manufacturing defects. We have further worked with p2m Germany to offer customers who do experience product failures which are not covered by warranty a significant discount through a crash replacement program. This is assessed on a case by case base.
  11. We have plenty of these ANT+ USB’s. Work with all brands of trainers / accessories and software. Overnight delivery can be arranged. Bicyclepower.co.za
  12. Saris offer their TD1 which just arrived - https://www.bicyclepower.co.za/product/td1-trainer-desk/ The TD1 features adjustable height and a handy power strip to keep your favourite devices fully charged. With the days getting shorter spending more time on the trainer is becoming reality. Having quick and easy access to the likes of a cell phone, power bank, energy bar, sweat towel or even the water bottle means setting out "mission control" is part of the daily indoor training regime.
  13. Hi all! To those who took part in our first Know No Bounds Tour event last night @ Sportopia Cycles, thanks for joining us. @Nick, we’re sorry you got taken at the line so close to the end of the evening! An MP1 will be at Sportopia Cycles for the next two weeks and we encourage all to experience what the platform has to offer. For those based in CT, we’ll be Caffe Neo (Mouille Point) tomorrow morning between 7:30AM - 11:30AM with the entire ecosystem, pull through, grab a cup of coffee on us and again, give the MP1 a try. It’s revolutionary.
  14. My honest advise, the Vector pedals have been designed for road use and as already pointed out, if someone were to ever take their road pedals off road the brand / distributor has every right to turn down a warranty sighting the product was used outside the scope in which it had been designed. Further to this, i strongly believe that any brand that brings a MTB pedal based power meter to market is going to have major reliability / durability and accuracy problems. I would never put my own money behind a pedal based MTB power meter. Some immediate issues that come to mind are - serviceability, good quality mtb pedals can last 18 months before a service is required. expect to half this for a MTB pedal based platform as the brand establishes what bearings work and which don't. accuracy, the conditions a MTB operates within is far more aggressive than that of road, this means the algorithm used in the measurement of power on pedal based system for MTB will have to be significantly "smoothed out". Not to mention the ranges of cadence used in MTB are also different to that of road. when i look at power meters it comes down to accuracy and reliability / durability, a pedal based mtb power meter has major question marks. Regardless of the above, i do believe pedal based power meters for MTB's are on their way. SRM introduced their version at EuroBike and i am sure more will be launched this year. Right now the power2max (crank based) platform are incredibly popular given their pricing point, dual sided power measurement and that good old Germany engineering and manufacturing quality meaning the customer has reliable power data.
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