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  1. Maintenance on Cobra was completed. If you go through to the Welvergenoegd side - the section next to the river is very wet and muddy presently
  2. Nice to feel the sun on your back and enjoying the green country side after the recent rain in the Cape
  3. Making use of the weather break. Ride out and back to Bloemendal before the next cold front arrives tomorrow.
  4. The JSL40 came standard with these, I still have a used set hanging in the garage
  5. Bike addict ordered from the supplier - Momsen. I am sure any LBS can order for you. Not sure if you are able to order directly from them.
  6. Chris, park at the Protea hotel and ride via the corridor to Bloemendal. Do your loops at Bloemendal and ride same way back or via upper Bloemendal & Magic Forest back to the hotel.
  7. Bike addict sourced 24 inch tubeless Vee’s for me. I think Momsen is the South African agents
  8. Very quiet in the sky around Cape Town. Picked up two medical AMS flights on Flightradar
  9. In the nineties going up Suikerbossie was like doing a mountain stage in the Tour de France, hemmed in by spectators partying cow bells jangling. As the entrants seemed to drop from 33000+ down to 22000+ so the spectators has seemed to dwindle away
  10. Happy ending - owner collected bike from SAPS this afternoon
  11. Congrats Chris, nice trail weapon. Will be easier on the knees as well
  12. Did the 20km event with my son, heat was bad upwards of 35 degrees in that last section. I parked right at the furthest point away from the gate and was very uneasy after seeing some youngsters loitering around below the parking area. After reading about the theft incidents I am glad that we decided to keep our bikes with us till after price giving and only then went back to my vehicle.
  13. Morning ride at Hillcrest up to the mast - via Bloemslang back to Hillcrest
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