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  1. Hi here is my Vipa got the weight down to about 10.5 kg.
  2. Funny name of your girl friend "Mielies"
  3. Well it is what it is. I think what they should do seeing no one is going to be racing for their personal best time (or shouldn't be) is let anyone who wants to, let them do two laps. Probably find a lot will only do one and a lot won't even pitch up to ride. The roads are wide enough to have more people on the road. Lets just go out there and have a fun ride.
  4. Hi guys thanks for the suggestions you just can't seem to keep everyone happy as a few years back we had a lot of moans that guys could not make it all the way from Cape Town with a 7:30 or 8:00 start time, but I think you guys are right we need to start early..... just need to get everyone here the night before for the night race. I will be making the suggestion that we start at 7:30 next year.
  5. Water points at 8km,18km, 24km (just for the 65km),29km, 38km, 49km, 54km. Remember this will be a bit different distances for the 35km ride as they don't do the death drop loop.
  6. Hi guys you can enter on the day. Did the 65 km on Sunday on a motor bike with the garmin. Sorry it won't let me attach the gpx file but it's 62.68km with a 1400m of climbing.
  7. Event Name: Eselfontein MTB Festival When: 22 November 2014 Where: Ceres Eselfontein Farm, Western Cape Category: MTB Hi guys time for the Eselfontein mtb race, looks like we are going to have perfect weather for the weekend remember camping is free. Go to Event Page
  8. Looks like Kellogs to me...... snap crackle and pop.
  9. I agree with copperhead if you going to bonk, bonk near the end of the race so you closer to the finish.
  10. 1032 score 34,8 words/p 91,6% accuracy
  11. Ceres

    Karoo 2 Coast 2014

    Don't worry about the 1000's of riders after the Wa Pad climb it spreads out quite nicely.
  12. Ceres

    Karoo 2 Coast 2014

    Did about 8 hours a week, but here in Ceres because we are in a valley you go 20 km in either direction you going to do some nasty climbs. We got a nice climb that we call the Swarmoed old road its about 3.5 km of climbing at an average of about 12% with some 16% thrown in. Did that climb at least once a week before the K2C. Also coming down it because its gravel and rutted its a lot like the down hills on the K2C.
  13. Ceres

    Karoo 2 Coast 2014

    Some advice from a guy that has made a lot of mistakes on the K2Coast. 1. Don't go too hard on the Old Wa Pad. 2. Try pedal and sit some times on the long down hills (standing the whole way down cools your muscles). 3. If you feel good with 40 km to go hammer it if you behind your times you will make up more time in the last 40kms than going too hard in the first 55 km. 4. If its hot drink more than you think you need to. I made most of these mistakes going for a 3h45. Started cramping just after 50km lucky for me they would come and go and managed a 3h55.
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