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  1. We (Kaleidoscope / Institute for the Blind) are located in Worcester - centre to most of the stages of this 2018 Epic - and would like to use the opportunity to raise funds for our cause: Care of the Visually Impaired via two Sponsorships: - Team or Single Entry (i will ride, completed 3 Epics already), and - Per Kilometre completed Sponsorship. Contact us at Albie@KaleidoscopeSA.Org, or Albie: 0828528585
  2. All, If u're in the PTA area and looking for a top sports massage or looking to get used to the daily massage routine you won't go wrong with Ross Grant www.rossgrant.co.za. He has a consult room at Virgin Active Menlyn. Genuine referral - Ross is an ex Pro Cyclist and his understanding / treatments reflect this better than anyone I have have met.
  3. Hi, I am selling a full international entry for the 2018 Cape Epic. Due my partner had a tropical disease, he won´t be able to ride it. Price and informations, please PM. regards,
  4. I have done two Epics on the ever-popular Rocket Ron / Nobby Nic (front) and Racing Ralph (rear) combo. Of late the Racing Ralph has been particularly puncture prone. I guess it is the price you pay for the weight saving. In any event, it is time for me to explore other options as I am gatvol plugging tyres. Please share your favourite tyre combos for the Epic.
  5. Due to an injury, we are not able to participate the next race and therefore need to sell the entry. Any interest?
  6. Those who have ridden Cape Epic....what are riders using for wheels? Aluminum or carbon? What do you see the most of? I hear it is really rocky over there. Just curious....racing in 2018. Brian California, USA
  7. Hey guys / gals I am based in the South of France and looking to hook up with training partners for the 2018 Epic. Not looking to start any real training until September due to work commitments, but in any case excited for my first Epic and looking to make any contacts in S of France.
  8. http://www.bicycling.co.za/opinion/dear-cape-epic-make-solo-category-please/ Dear Cape Epic, Make a Solo Category. Please. on April 25, 2017Lose your partner in a stage race, and you’re discriminated against. That can’t be right. – By Aaron Borrill "Racing a mountain-bike stage race as a team creates a unique dynamic, as riders battle it out together against rivals and Mother Nature. I’ve participated in myriad team stage races, with both men and women, and they’ve mostly gone well. When things go right, it feels amazing; you barrel through singletrack, and instinctively power up climbs, together on an almost telepathic level. But when things go wrong, they go south very quickly. And here’s a quandary: while the professionals can tailor their performances by cherry-picking a partner, in the amateur realm this is often not the case. With amateurs, the hammer and the nail almost never swop roles. This can be quite testing and taxing, on both mind and body. If you’re the stronger rider, suddenly you have a dual role to perform – you’re riding for two, and expending loads more energy as a result. And when it comes to mixed teams, there’s always going to a pretty large chasm in terms of ability. Men naturally produce more testosterone than women, and are more physically competitive as a consequence. Women, on the other hand, know how to suffer, and are usually (I’m speaking from experience here) better suited to endurance, and at managing their energy outputs. And egos. I’ve had plenty of fights with my wife on the bike. I’ve been called some unspeakable things. All of which have taken days to repair, but we’ve got to the finish in the end. But would the race have panned out differently if I were riding alone? I’m not saying race organisers should cull the team aspect of stage races altogether – it does after all add an exciting component to racing; but I do think a solo category is sorely missing. And we’ve already seen this policy adopted by the Joburg2C, Trans Cape and the Cape Pioneer Trek, each of which offers solo entries. But what about the Absa Cape Epic? I recently finished the event alone, after starting it with my wife. Like I said, we’ve raced plenty together, and have done particularly well in the past. But this year was a disaster – a fall at a road race three weeks before the race hampered my wife’s final preparation, and she went into the Epic undercooked. The disparity between us in terms of fitness was evident from the prologue, and it was a battle every day; until eventually she retired, from severe dehydration and heat stroke. Was I to blame? Did I push her too hard? Did I expect too much? These are questions every team will be faced with at some point. When your partner retires from a race such as the Cape Epic, you’re allowed to continue as an individual finisher. But you become what the race organisers refer to as an ‘outcast’ – while you still receive an official time and finisher’s medal, you don’t appear on the GC list. And all outcasts – amateur and pro – can’t progress further than C batch, so as not to interfere with the racing categories. So why not just create a solo category, and start the group just after the competitive teams? Though it wasn’t of my own doing, riding solo gave me the opportunity to ride at my own pace and manage my energy expenditure each day. I had less stress, not having a partner to manage and worry about. That said, after a few days of solo riding I began to secretly envy the other teams – their shared emotions, hardships and elation. Before, as a mixed rider, I might have been a threat; but now, nobody cared about me – or even looked at me, for that matter. I truly was an outcast. So it became lonely. It was very tough, arguably tougher than riding in a team. Though there were other solo riders around me, in a way we were all pariahs. Surely this wouldn’t be the case if there were to be an official solo category? In fact, most of the outcasts I rode with each day said that they would have preferred riding solo in any event – they had only entered with partners so they could participate at all. Interesting… The team dynamic has its place in stage racing, especially if you get the balance right. But for those who want to ride man (or woman) alone, perhaps it’s time for all races (even the Cape Epic) to offer limited solo entries. It’s definitely not the easier option; but it would at least make the ‘outcasts’ feel part of the zeitgeist that defines such an iconic event. The Epic is now under new ownership. While I have no clue what changes are planned or may transpire, in the not-too-distant future I would like to see a dedicated solo group. As well as the introduction of a new jersey!"
  9. some interesting figures here. http://www.treadmtb.co.za/bikes-of-the-2017-absa-cape-epic-all-the-stats/ quite interesting to see that in 2008, the first year of data that GIANT were the biggest brand, but have seen that slide big time (they had 24% of ZA riders then, now just 4%). Spaz have taken the lionshare of this, but along with merida. they're the only brand to actually drop. Santa Cruz, are in the same stable and have increased quite a chunk too.
  10. There is a video doing the rounds showing a disparity between what service the pampered pro's receive versus the rank and file (read: "well healed non- professional entrants). Is this really the case? I would have expected a S2C type experience with a surfeit of food and drink and no discrimination. And at the price you pay - you'd expect royal treatment after a hard day in the saddle. would you not?
  11. Hello, I am looking for more participants from Spain in order to share information about the race ( Travel, acomodation, trainning, etc). Please send me an email to: luis.arriba@gmail.com. Thanks!
  12. I really think there should be extra categories at the epic. *Best team on GC who stayed in the rider village/tents. *Best team on 26ers *lantern rouge team The first one would be quite a cool floating trophy, any other suggestions?
  13. Cat is pretty much out of the bag that Epic will run on Ironman format; various races (world events- a birdy chirped North America is getting a visit from the team shortly) with Epic, presumbly being "kona". But how are they going to divvy up entries then; when overseas races offer entries for top performers; less lottery entries? Eventually none? Will be pretty grim day when locals need to fly overseas to race to "win" a entry for a race back home.
  14. I dont like it when pro's use drugs because it trickles down and eventually i have to race against an amateur who is using drugs. I was therefore very impressed when i entered the Epic and found that there is a Zero tolerance rule where drug offenders are banned for life. Yet David George participated this year. And George Hincapie. The reason why they were allowed is probably because both were found to have cheated [just] prior to the 31 Dec 2012 cut-off in the rules. I'm not sure why this date was chosen but these riders tarnish the clean image of the race and if my calculations are correct, Lance Armstrong could then enter the Epic....
  15. I'm looking to exchange a medium Columbia jacket that was issued along with the race bag earlier today (Cape Epic registration) for a small. Anybody?
  16. Accommodation available - 18-19 March Heritage square apartments (Durbanville) - 19-21 March Marine square luxury holiday suites (Hermanus) - 26-27 March Le Bach estate (Paarl) All accommodation available for 4 pax Please contact me for more information 0795243588
  17. Hi Guys Please contact me if you know of available entry. We ride for the J9 Foundation (Joost van der Westhuizen) raising awareness for MND. Many Thanks Dirk Kotze - dirk@j9cycling.com
  18. I can see that there is a battery service if you have 'amped' battery...but is that the only option for recharging you camera, phone etc? Thanks Bo
  19. maybe you could help us? We travel a long distance and we have a limit to how much we can bring on the plane...so we try to figure out what to bring and what we perhaps can buy in South Africa.. So could you please inform me (if you know)...if it possible to buy 'High 5' products - especially the 4:1 product? STANS NoTube latex CO2 cartridges Schwalbe tyres
  20. My team is taking a different approach for accommodation and do not need our motor home parking slot. We bought it for R12,000. Selling it for R12,000. First come, first serve. PM me.
  21. What is the general consensus.....should you take malaria protection for Cape Epic???
  22. I was invited to for part of the ABSA pride for the Cape Epic 2017. I immediately started training with a coach in September 2016 and put in a lot of hard work over the past 5 months. My base training for the Epic started in December and I did 2200km in December. I then ramped up the intensity in the second week of January with interval training. I went down for my first Attakwas which I finished very well in 6h11. Last weekend I had a golf tour on the south coast of KZN. We played at southbroom on the Friday morning after which we headed to the beach. We were throwing a ball to each other and the one throw just drifted over my head. I turned around to catch it and in the process I stepped into a hole of about 20cm deep with my left leg. The leg hyperextended and I immediately knew that I hurt something. What is it and how bad is it was my first thought. We headed to the hospital as my calf was swollen up about 3 times its normal size. The initial prognosis was that I most likely tore my calf but I should be okay to at least get to the start line. The next morning X-rays was taken of my knee and a sonar of my calf. When the results came back my Cape Epic dream was broken as was my Tibial Plateau. I tore my calf muscle quite badly as well. I am getting an MRI tomorrow with surgery to sort out my knee on Friday. There is always 2018, and I will come back stronger!!! It just sucks after all the hard work that something so silly can cause such big damage.
  23. Hye, my boyfriend will participate to the 2017 Cape epic race and I will join him. Yesterday I try to buy à supporter package but it's sold out. So I'm looking for someone who sale his supporter package. If someone can help me or give me advise for sleeping near the competitors camp. Another question : could I entry into the camp even I don't have a competitor or supporter package ? Thank you very much for your help and answers. Marie-Jo (French)
  24. Hye, my boyfriend will participate to the 2017 Cape epic race and I will join him. Yesterday I try to buy à supporter package but it's sold out. So I'm looking for someone who sale his supporter package. If someone can help me or give me advise for sleeping near the competitors camp. Another question : could I entry into the camp even I don't have a competitor or supporter package ? Thank you very much for your help and answers. Marie-Jo (French)
  25. Anyone with a motorhome willing to hire it out for the Epic, I am willing to pay good money... Send a PM if you have one! Ben
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