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  1. ANT+ dongle installed and all is peachy. Computer reads all Ble and ANT+ sensors
  2. My wife rides a Giant Anthem with tubeless conversion. We have entered a few toad races and as she gets fitter is looking for the enhanced rolling resistance that you get with slicks. Question is can a slick tyre run efficiently on a tubeless conversion. If so, what slick tyre do you recommend? Have you had any issues with the setup?
  3. Trans Baviaans Entry available for weekend 15 August. Make me an offer
  4. I ride with varifocal inserts. I uae the photochromic rudy lenses as they adjust well to changing light conditions. Started out with the polarised rudy lenses and found it difficult when riding singletrack. Now my optical setup seems quite optimal. 4 years now. Every time my normal glasses scrip changes I have the old set cut for the Rudy insert. Works for me!
  5. Also looking at my 1st TBav in 2015. Training for J2C should get me more or less into the right physical shape. Mental preparation will however be a challenge. Really excited
  6. I had a cresk relsted to the rear derailleur hanger not being tightened properly.
  7. Quite long and boring, but very informative for those with a technical curiosity Why bicycles do not fall: Arend Schwab at TEDxDel…:
  8. I will take a small light with me for the tunnel next year. Nearly got caught out in the drop offs in the tunnel in the dark. Aso nearly ran over a lady who fell off in front of me. A privelege to ride so much singletrack in the heart of JOZI
  9. I am sure they will learn and respond appropriately for next year. Great to see corporate money coming to the sport. The 94.7 which has a long history had similar issues last year. Thiscwas billed as an adventure not a race. I also felt that safety needs to be upgraded, especially in the dark tunnels where some ofthe drop iffs were surprising . Inexperienced riders could get hurt. I would still rather that this type of event grows and improves than to just write it off.
  10. I don't buy "brands" because I don't believe in the hype......sometimes however there is substance to the hype. I got given an Assos bib as a present because I am too cheap to buy one myself and have become a convert. I bought another 2 to facilitate washing on the JoBerg2C. I cannot wear other bibs anymore. Assos has changed my comfort on a bike forever.
  11. Have only had a smile on my face since I dumped the Elixir cr's and fitted XT's. Haven't heard anything bad about Formulas either. Seems to me that there are numerous brake sets that do the job and a bunch of personal preferences but only one to avoid.....
  12. BMW RI 200GS 2007 Model. 96000km mainly commuting around jozi. Love the ability to beat the traffic.
  13. I have found in the past when battling to seat new tyres that it is important to create the highest possible flow rate for air into the valve. Normally just removing the core is sufficient but in some cases I have even had to remove the valve clamp from the compressor line and just slip the hose over the valve stem. Then the tyres popped into place very easily.
  14. Was this ever taken any further or did it all just end un a huge amout of " smashing lagers"?
  15. Where are you situated. An address will help
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