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  1. "If i'm wrong i will apologize" "But i am never wrong"
  2. But were they banned?for someone flashing them? Or is it false information? And please-dont "DICTATE"your opinion to the hubbers like we are school kids. Similar approach to your sani2c emails in my opinion. The topic was posted and we responded according to the paper insert. No one is asking FG to attack these individuals?? They were banned as far as we know for being flashed. Why would we expect FG to attack them?
  3. If you pedal fast enough the clicking sound will become a low key note which will become pleasant to the ears
  4. Old school people. Name and Shame! If you gonna talk the talk-then walk the walk. Post them pictures in thier communities and let them live with shame.
  5. https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/135006-giant-revel-0/ Get into the sport before blowing 15k. It is not for everyone(5% of the world do not mtb ) When you fall in love with the ball breaking climbs you will get the bucks somewhere and upgrade to exactly what floats your boat.
  6. Bikes need(MUST!) to be fitted with a tracking device within the frame so we can weed out these spineless F****kers and let them rot behind bars. Riding with weapons forces these brainless idiots to use violence out of fear of being shot. Not worth the risk people. Ride around your block 20 times if need be but "Ride in numbers" when going into the unknown. So sick and tired of ****all being done by government(fraudsters in the public eyes) to actually let criminals know that crime does not pay!
  7. True but! biking is not cheap ,hence the status drive through upper end brands. If you can spend 50k on a bike (or 3)-we want you banking with us 5 years is not long when looking at other top sponsors in the world of sport.
  8. "Show respect to all. Landowners, other trail users and local inhabitants are often inconvenienced by us. Show them some respect on your next ride". A new addition to the many previous instructions?Nothing to do with the banning? We practise this everywhere we ride - i sure as hell do. And us MTBers know this all too well.
  9. BANG! Nedbank are out as sponsors???? Just saying
  10. tic toc tic toc tic toc BOOM!
  11. great product-will become top seller fast with durability like steel!
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