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  1. Hi. No foam pit in the plans at this stage but things can change.there are plans for a big jump line like the first double on DH3 in Tokai. (slightly higher) and a jump with a soft sand landing. These plans are further down the to do list.
  2. I did the 60km on Sat. As I am not a PPA member I do not get a time which I understand. Just want to know where I can find the results. Racetec only shows your results and not everyones together. Can someone point me in the right direction as I would like to see where i would have come if I was timed? I timed myself. Thanks
  3. Try this Revox 5.3 http://www.bergamont-sa.co.za/29er-hardtail
  4. Try the Bergamont Threesome Here is the link: http://www.bergamont...o.za/650b-fully Demo Day happening in Tokai this Saturday. Come and try one out.
  5. We make some personalised cycling tops locally in Cape Town. Call me for more info. Chris 084 7777 802
  6. Like Omega said further up I would rather go for the race face ones at Action Cycling. I have tried all of the ones that have been mentioned above except for the Fox. They all work when you fall off but when it comes to wearing them for the whole day the chafing is the worst. The Race Face are the best when it comes to this.
  7. Its all about safety first for me. When it comes to single track I think the rider going down has right of way because it takes him longer to stop. Generally most if it is not a problem as just a little respect on both sides will do the trick. Its the blind corners that are the real problem. All riders going up must just bear in mind that a rider going down at a higher speeds will not be able to stop in time on a blind corner.
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