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  1. We have some very clever guys here!! Back to my question, will it make a difference or not? With some of the advice here i can just fit solid steel rims then i will be ok, as long as i loose weight and get fitter. Length and weight doesnt tell anything about bmi. Its like telling me a rugby prop must now weigh 60kg if starts cycling?? I came from 115kg, now 83 actually, i look like a skeleton keeping my bone structure into consideration.
  2. I know it would never be a xc bike but the neuron was deigned to fill the gap between xc and trail, it climbs very well but i want it better. Im gonna play around with tyres first,it came out with 2.3 forecasters and now i have 2.4 ardent and 2.4 aspen. Like i mentioned it deccents like a beast, i just want that little bit extra on the climbs. Considering going back to forecaster in front and rekon race rear. Lets see how it goes
  3. funny thing i just picked up, the forecaster is lighter than the rekon race? Maybe forecaster front and rekon race back? Sounds good.
  4. Im also thinking of going to a rekon race 2.35 front and rear, just worrid about the grip and also if its going to be worth it instead of just replacing the ardent also with a aspen 2.4 in the front?
  5. exactly where my confusion kicks in, on my hard tail ive got the vittoria barzo/mezcal combo 2.35, i only use it on opengravel roads and it rolls fast but i dont like the compound, absolutely no grip in the single track. The ardent 2.4 grips very good up front but almost a 900g tyre, the aspen in the rear is ok but the size(2.4) for a rear confuses me about the high volume tyre thing. People like Nino shurter swears by the aspen front and rear. Maybe im just running the wrong pressures?
  6. Hi Guys, Currently running 2.4 ardent up front and 2.4 aspen in the rear. I want something faster going uphill but still need some cornering grip.to enjoy the downhills. Any suggestions?
  7. How did you get to 12kg thats very light and all i want
  8. In its class, compared to a giant trance, merida 120, stumpjumper st etc it was definately the lightes bike, ive changed the tyres to vittoria barzos and had 1 or 2 face plants,no back to maxiss ardent 2.4 up front and 2.4 aspen in the rear. All my mates ride the new titans an epics so im left behind alot but only on the climbs. Im now the fittest ive been in years and the lightest that i ever will be so im at that point where i cant blame myself alot anymore.
  9. I have the cf 8 2020, great bike but when im going uphill im getting behind and think weight is the big thing, i dont have a budget at the moment but considering talking to my bank manager
  10. Hi all, Currently running dt swiss m1900 wheels on my canyon neuron and i want to loose some weight on my bike. Considering carbon wheels but how much will i gain? Will it be worth it?
  11. The barzo/mezcal combo is great, i think im just more used to my old 2.4 ardents, i could through anything at them they would never let me down. But they are slower than the vittoria combo.
  12. Will the dissector in the front not slow me down?
  13. Persuit franschoek
  14. Ok so now for the big question, i have a ride coming up this weekend and need help on what tyres i should use, my main objective is staying on the bike and still ride my best time. There will be lots of rocks! Its still a xc ride. I have the following tyres in my posession. 2 x ardents 2.4 1 x 2.35 barzo 1 x 2.35 mezcal 1 x 2.35 minion ss 1 x 2.4 dissector. Help me choose
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