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  1. Been following this story with great sadness from my new home in the UK. I spent soo much time in Tokai with my wife and kids. I came to the conclusion some time ago that South Africa hates it's children. We are raped, killed, dispossessed of our freedom and rights. Everyone is a victim of the social, political and economic meltdown. I hope that this starts some sort of reaction that will make a difference, so that thus young life will not be in vain. Sadly I have no faith in the legal system, the politicians or government or the voting public. R.I.P
  2. Agreed, the paintwork looks in good nick, better to keep the original with some battle scars than to repaint, also the chrome-work on the fork looks in great condition. What Reynolds tubeset is it?
  3. While I appreciate the update, I don't really see any news, good or otherwise. In summary there was a meeting and Tokai remains closed
  4. There are acres of areas which were logged years ago, which is seeing no logging at present, why are these still closed / restricted? This march is not only about mtbing it is also about dog walker and trail runners who can very easily avoid the logging areas. Looking at the latest google earth images and seeing the areas which have been logged I can see that there are a number of routes which can be opened up to Silvermine, to the Mast and to the south side of Tokai. I dont expect the area to be opened up for large scale trail building and I couldn't care if no singletrack was constructed until all the logging is done, but there are means to allow areas to be used to access Silvermine, the Mast and other portions of Tokai. There just seems to be no will to open the area up and to come up with some sort of compromise. If there was will and a bit of flexible / creative thinking we could be in there tomorrow.
  5. I got a set of Vittoria Creed wheels, there are on the heavy side, but I have been really impressed with the build quality, they roll well and have held true. I think around R3000
  6. No that's the way it used to be, now it is a bunch ride with teams starting 30 seconds apart and grouping together for maximum advantage, it takes something away from the event how shameless the drafting has become
  7. I think the best way to make the DC a bit safer is to neutralize the section between Montague and Ashton. That's the only really dangerous section with the road being open and two way vehicular traffic to negotiate. The road is narrow and in poor condition which makes for some sketchy lines. Finally this seems to be where the racing / sub six hour teams start passing the bulk of the field which causes no small amount of chaos.
  8. Its rather the case that the Ironman guys will take MTN onto the top step, they have brought in some heavy hitters who know how to lay down the watts for hours on end. There aren't too many corners so they should be ok, but someone better tell them not to leave their bikes at the Bonnievale stop run the last 40 km
  9. With a well maintained bike with the threads greased and the BB / Headset etc... properly installed there should be no water infiltration even when riding in the rain, the greatest extent I go to after a really wet one is to take out the seat tube and turn the bike upside down, then I wipe down with a cloth and leave the bike somewhere warm. I try avoid putting the bike away in the cold and lonely bike shed unless she is nice and cosy.
  10. I use both, I find that GC has more training related data especially with the running and swimming dynamics on my 920XT that Strava cant handle. All said and done i spend 70 % of my time on Strava and 30% on CG. I do find GC a little clunky and prone to glitches.
  11. I remember there being some press about this towards the end of last year. I think that Sanparks realized that there were quite a few roadies using the park, to avoid traffic / ride somewhere different, and decided that there was another target market to shaft. There was an announcement that as of 2015 activity cards would be required. I don't agree with it, but it was definitely announced some time ago.
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