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  1. Thought it might be a useful thread to start to get people together who want to purchase group permits / Activity Cards Level 3 for TMNP. Post if you're looking and please update if you've got / not interested any longer. For logistics sake it might be an idea to give a rough area where you stay and if you have another people who are looking or how many people you are looking for to complete an application.
  2. I'm looking at replacing my current MTB tyres (OEM Bontrager XR3, 29" x 2.3"), as the back is almost worn out and I'm struggling on corners with the front especially over loose rocks. Its my first time doing so and and apart from all the recent research I've done I have no prior knowledge. I do 90% of my riding on the DH and Snake trails in Tokai CPT which are Enduro and Trail trails respectively, Tokai has lots of hard-packed ground, with rock gardens, roots and loose small rocks. For what is worth, I'm looking at running a 2.6" front and 2.4" rear combo, I'm primarily looking at using Maxxis tyres for simplicity and in terms of availability, I'm looking at using the Exo + casing and the 3C Maxx Terra rubber compound on both front and rear, as they seem best suited towards my needs! Where I need assistance is choosing the correct tyre combo, the forerunner from my research and taking into account my local terrain appears to be a Assegai up front and a Minion DHR II at the rear. Another decent combo appears to be running the DHR up front and either a Aggressor or Dissector at the rear. I can't seem to find any stock of the Minion DHF hence not including it in any of the above combos. I'm looking for feedback from anyone using any of the above combos or tyres, with a specific focus on grip especially on corners, rolling resistance (speed) and durability, especially as I will be using the bike to climb up trails!
  3. UPDATE: Tokai will open on Saturday the 10th of December, jump to the post. Sorry for the copy/paste from Facebook but this pretty much captures the progress from the last few weeks and why #Volunteering is so important. The tweet that seems to have grabbed a lot of people's attention.. can't say we blame them, some of the trails in Tokai are really starting to take shape again! https://twitter.com/CraigRH_10/status/760491199996264449 Reto Mani (from Blackhill fame) has been working pretty hard on the Tokai Downhill track for the last week. With financial assistance from the Pedal Power Association, TokaiMTB has contracted two trail builders to help prepare the trails for December's official reopening. Not to say they will be doing all the work, there is still a lot happening behind the scenes with volunteers pitching in to prepare the base track for the contractors. Debris, branches and erosion all need to be cleared, cut away and filled. Tons of soil and rock need to be moved from our stockpile sites to where it can be carted onto the trail and moved into place. Skill graded trail signage and safety measures to keep people from straying into dangerous areas still have to be installed.. There is a lot of work still ahead but the promise of good trails back on our doorstep is the drive and motivation to get it all done. Join us for our regular Volunteer Trail Build days supported by the Devil's Peak Brewing Company. Dates as follows: - Saturday, 13 August, 2016 (next build) - Saturday, 27 August, 2016 - Saturday, 03 September, 2016 - Saturday, 17 September, 2016 Registration for each build day opens at the start of each week leading up to that event. The notice and registration link is shared on TokaiMTB twitter, TokaiMTB Facebook and here on Bike Hub under the TokaiMTB hosted forum. Thanks for the tweet Craig Rhodes-Harrison, VIVA STOKE! (twitter photo credit: Reto Mani)
  4. Past incidents have shown that criminals rely on recreational users in this natural environment being generally isolated and unable to quickly summon help. So to combat this issue, TokaiMTB in 2016 insisted on introducing a safety patrol and monitoring programme to help ensure the safety of users, and to assist SANParks in the event of an accident or emergency before reopening Tokai to Park users after the devastating fires of 2015. William Simpson keeps the TokaiMTB 4x4 rolling by offering to take care of the vehicle's servicing. The initiative consists simply of “spotters” stationed in observation posts and the TokaiMTB 4x4 linked to an emergency number, providing roving patrols and trailside emergency assistance. Both spotters and vehicle are in radio contact with a security control room run by a local business, constantly sharing information vital to quickly dispatching assistance in any number of forms if and when needed. The initiative has focussed its coverage in areas where past criminal incidents have been recorded. Initially, the safety patrol was available on weekends only but for the last year has been extended to include Tuesdays and Thursdays at certain times thanks to the generous donations from several local bike shops and private donors too. A very useful addition has been the implementation of an emergency phone number that puts users in direct contact with the team on the mountain. This has helped greatly in reducing response times, allowing the team to be placed on the scene within minutes to assess and coordinate the situation between law enforcement and medical agencies, and in all cases Sanparks. It has proved to be a fantastic reporting mechanism for anybody witnessing suspicious activity or threatening situations like fire, making every user in the mountain with the number a desperately needed extension of our eyes and ears. In the past year, the TokaiMTB patrol has been responsible for the arrest of two criminals returning to the scene of two successful earlier attacks to lay in wait for yet another victim. Swift action between TokaiMTB and Sanparks resulted in the tracking and apprehension of the two men disguised in camouflage and carrying weapons identical to those used in past attacks spanning several years. The patrol has deterred and disrupted the movements of numerous other suspicious situations, as well as driving continued investigations linked to the arrest resulting in the return of stolen goods through uncovering links higher up in the chain of this type of crime. The presence of the team has aided many injured or distressed riders, while coordinating medical evacuations for the more seriously injured riders. The initiative has even provided assistance in two cases of riders injured outside of the park, unable to successfully call in assistance themselves. We’ve even helped hikers too… Given the frequency and violent nature of crime taking place on the mountain in areas to the north and south of Tokai, TokaiMTB believes that the single defining difference in Tokai is simply the effort put in by the unpaid volunteers and staff funded through our initiatives, that both man and coordinate the patrols taking the inclusive approach that works hand-in-hand with the following groups; SANParks, SANParks Honorary Rangers, law enforcement agencies, the Table Mountain Safety Action Group (TMSAG), neighbourhood watches, civic organizations, local businesses and the patrol sponsors. Follow our social media channels for updates and recognition of these various supporting groups, who without working together with a single intended goal, none of this would be possible. The TokaiMTB emergency number is 071 424 4712 and is available for emergencies and any possible threat during Tokai operating hours. TokaiMTB would like to thank the following security sponsors who made much of this possible:Bike Mob Stoke Suspension Works The Bike Park Trail and Tar Freewheel Cycology Private Donors
  5. Hi guys I'm visiting Cape Town from the UK over Christmas & NY (arrive tomorrow and here until the 2nd Jan) - and bringing my long travel mtb with me. Does anyone know of any group rides in and around Cape Town I could join over the period? Either Table Mountain/Tokai or further afield? I'm reasonably fit and used to riding black trails in Europe - so keen to try the most technical stuff you have. ???? Thanks in advance!! Robin
  6. It's official! Logging contractors will be done by the 29th Dec and Tokai can reopen 7 days per week... The gate times are now the same for Tokai as they are in summer and winter in Silvermine. SANParks have added an extra hour throughout the year around exit times. Basically, last entry is an hour before you are required to exit (this will be quite strictly enforced but don't fear, discussions have moved onto times now. It will help if there are no "incidences" while we continue negotiate on your behalf). WINTER HOURS: Open - 8amLast entry - 5pmExit by - 6pm SUMMER HOURS: Open - 7amLast entry - 6pmExit by - 7pm Taken from the press release.. "UPPER TOKAI WEEKDAY OPENING The Upper Tokai section of the Table Mountain National Park will re-open on weekdays from 29 December 2017 and not just on weekends as per the current status quo. Despite there still being some restrictions in place, Table Mountain National Park Management has decided that the area can be re-opened 7 days per week from the above date. It was in the interest of public safety and the protection of environmental integrity that the Upper Tokai section of Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) was closed following the devastating fire that swept through the plantation and arboretum in March 2015. The area remained closed to the public for safety reasons whilst the remaining burnt plantation and dangerous burnt trees were removed and for rehabilitation reasons as measures were put in place to secure the exposed slopes from erosion. SANParks engaged with various stakeholders during the course of the closure resulting in the successful reopening of Upper Tokai on 10 December 2016 over weekends only. Local mountain biking stakeholder and volunteer non-profit group, TokaiMTB, has played a crucial role in facilitating access for users by means of an access indemnity through their local International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA) representative, Amarider. In terms of this indemnity TokaiMTB employed marshals to ensure users did not stray into the remaining hazardous areas and to monitor compliance. TokaiMTB have also invested a further R350 000.00 in addition to the R145 000.00 from the Pedal Power Association towards the post fire rehabilitation of the mountain biking tracks as part of the community’s contribution to cycling in the park. Upper Tokai access limitations: • At the time of reopening on 29 December 2017, the Arboretum and Elephants Eye trail will offer access only up to level three while rehabilitation of the rest of this hiking trail continues. • Parking in designated parking sites will remain in the Tokai picnic area as per the current arrangement. This is however dependant on parking space and availability. • Limited vehicular access will be allowed, at a cost of R27.00 per vehicle for parking. • No dogs allowed • No after hour activities allowed • Enter at your own risk... " Read more at the link.. https://www.facebook.com/tokaimtb/posts/734797850047299
  7. In preparation for Tokai's reopening, TokaiMTB will be meeting with Park management on Thursday (26th) to discuss restoration of the existing approved trails, as well as rider routing avoiding areas that are still being clear felled should the early trial access proposal be approved. The official timeline around reopening is still set for December 2016 but we remain optimistic that an earlier entry is possible with the various measures proposed. Look out for trail updates and a plan of action later this week. Twitter: @ama_tokaimtb Facebook: facebook.com/tokaimtb
  8. With more than a year and a half of reconstructing, felling and other such rehabilitation activities, the Tokai MTB Trails closure during 2015 left a massive hole in the lives of most Cape Town based mountain bikers. And with only a few alternative legal riding spots available during that time, the reopening of these trails were eagerly awaited (even if it meant riding on limited days). December 2016 finally saw the gates reopen, and the weekends-only trail period kicked off, during which Tokai MTB and SANparks have, and will continuously assess compliance and any environmental issues, to gauge whether the trails will be opened during the week also. Seven months after the reopening, the Trail Daze crew saddled up to explore and sample everything on offer at the foot of the Constantiaberg mountains. Our aim was to ride trails specifically catered to longer travel trail bikes, typically used at the local Enduro events. Trials like Bridal Path, Cobra and DH 1 thru 3 seemed to fit the bill as it incorporated some properly tight corners, technical rock gardens and also high-speed flow sections. Even with 7 of the 21 trails currently still closed for maintenance or safety, there is still definitely more than enough riding to be done and something for everyone. Starting things off at Bootleggers for the pre-ride caffeine fix and defrosting on a cold winters morning seems to be the tradition. It also serves as a safe parking spot, and the quick pedal along the tar road to the trails is perfect for getting the blood flowing before the main ascent. R75 a pop for the Tokai trail permit is a bit more than what other places charge, but the TMNP permit includes Tokai (and all the other recently legalised trails around Table Mountain) and will only set you back about R600 annually. So good to be riding Tokai again. Missing the tree cover that I enjoyed as a kid riding here, but there’s nothing we can do about this now and the trail builders have done an excellent job resurrecting Tokai from the ashes. Roman Kumpers Here we are at arguably one of Cape Towns oldest trail systems. Tokia has seen so much devastation but also development over the duration of its lifespan, how awesome is it to be back and hitting the trails we all remember… from the Bridal Path, to the Snake trails, to the downhill! Whether it’s a quick Sunday blast or an all day session chasing mates down the hill, these trails always deliver... keeping you buzzing long after the pre ride coffees and post ride beers! Andrew Savage Tokai, what a place, one of the original inner city forested MTB trails. We helped build these trails back in the 90’s and I won my first South African DH champs here back in 2000 so there is a lot of history here. We were gutted about the fires and trials being closed during the past couple years but we’re seriously impressed with what the guys have done rebuilding and now ride here at least once a week. Add to that Chris Nixon’s Bike Park as well as his future plans and we’re super amped about the future here! Mark Hopkins Riding the Tokai MTB trails, you will inevitably encounter one or more of these fellas. They are synonymous with the greater Tokai area but other than being a nuisance do not pose any* threat to humans and usually get out the way very quickly. This project is made possible by: Tokai Forest GPS: 34°03'37.0"S 18°24'55.8"E Riders : Mark Hopkins | Andrew Savage | Roman Kumpers All images by Ewald Sadie www.esphotography.co.za instagram: @ewaldsadie
  9. Membership to TokaiMTB is inexpensive and builds on some of our other fundraising initiatives that will run throughout the year. By becoming a member and renewing your membership annually, you will help lay down the foundation for financial sustainability that affords TokaiMTB the opportunity to continue working towards the envisioned world-class trail facility. The trails need to be funded and true to our word we will continue offering you the best value for your input. TokaiMTB is partnering with several brands for our Membership Launch to make the journey that much more exciting. Annual membership will cost only R300, all of which will be allocated to improving your experience in Tokai, but will also enter you into our lucky draw supported by BH Bikes South Africa, Cape Cycle Systems and The Bike Park at Constantia Uitsig. Three lucky signed up members will win one of the following prizes (full details on our website here). A BH Expert 7.9, Lightweight Aluminium Hardtail A SRAM Eagle 12-speed drivetrain One years’ membership at The Bike Park at Constantia Uitsig A few other fantastic benefits of signing up and helping make Tokai as good as it has ever been, besides great karma is also on offer. To start, members will qualify for discounted services at The Bike Park and we'll keep adding more benefits throughout the year, so keep an eye on future announcements. We would like to thank BH Bikes South Africa, Cape Cycle Systems and Bike Park at Uitsig, not only for offering the exciting prizes but for showing their support for the trails in Tokai. There's more good news. Our membership drive doesn't stop here! Following our January launch, we have also planned for regular quarterly draws to take place throughout the year, where all members are eligible to win some more great prizes like, mountain bike dropper posts and even wheelsets. Besides winning prizes and benefitting from member perks, signing up most importantly allows TokaiMTB to expand and improve on the existing network of trails in Tokai. After a successful fundraiser in 2017, TokaiMTB was able to meet its goals in the restoration of the existing network of trails. Progress is dictated by the rate of rehabilitation on the ground and between alien clearing and the clear-felling of the trees, we were able to move in as contractors moved out to reopen more of the trails lost in the fire. Our trail team has learnt invaluable skills throughout their employment so far, all of which was only possible through your support. Rider comments prove it has been money well spent with the overriding sentiment of, "When can we have more?" motivating further planning. We'll present more about the goals for 2018 at our AGM to be held sometime in February. For 2018 our task continues with the restoration of a few more trails but in addition, working with SANParks and guided by the Baseline study that was completed in 2016, we also start the Rationalisation Process of existing and new trails. Highlights on our 2018 calendar include: Existing trail rehabilitation – as conditions allow we will be rehabilitating and upgrading some old favouritesFairie Garden (loop trail) Rinkhals My Roots Your Roots Downhill 4 Trails rationalisation process - A new shared-use spine trail offering a different access route up the mountain Existing trail link extensions A dedicated mountain bike climbing trail Rehabilitation and conversion of unused jeep track into new trails Silvermine/Tokai link - Essential in creating a Tokai to Silvermine and return loop for future Park events. Work will begin on linking Silvermine and Tokai using the old Donkey trail that starts on the fire-lookout trail in Silvermine and meets Tokai at the Level 4 & 5 intersection. Approval has been granted and using some of the funding donated by local Tokai bike shop, Bike Mob, TokaiMTB will be working closely with SANParks to spec, clear and construct this route essential to including Silvermine in future Park events. Quite an exciting year ahead, I’m sure you’ll agree. Now, we've left it for last but certainly no less in value; the topic of safety. Since reopening on the 10th of December 2016, riders in Tokai will have noticed the presence of a team of safety monitors comprising marshals providing early detection, and a roving vehicle for visible patrolling and fast response, both in direct radio link to a security control room. So far the initiative, used as a proof-of-concept, has proven to be both effective and popular with riders. In addition to the safety aspect, it has also provided great help in the event of rider injury or distress. We are currently looking at ways we can extend the scheme to cover weekdays too and hopefully through both corporate and individual contributions we will have the funds to facilitate this goal. For more information, head over to the TokaiMTB website here.
  10. How to enter Head over to the TokaiMTB website here to make your donation to the trail building fund. For every R150 that you donate, you get an entry into the draw. The more you donate the better your chances of riding a new Santa Cruz on some great new trails at Tokai. The prize Santa Cruz Bicycles supports similar successful fundraising initiatives around the world, enabling trail crews to realise their plans for trail expansion while fulfilling riders’ dreams.The winner can choose any frame model and colour from the Santa Cruz range which will be fitted with a standard Santa Cruz build kit by Rush Sports. For more details and terms and conditions head over to the TokaiMTB website. Closing time and date for entry will be midnight on Friday 14th July 2017, after which no further entries to the draw will be accepted. The winner will be announced via Bike Hub and TokaiMTB on Monday the 17th July 2017. More about the TokaiMTB Trail Fund: TokaiMTB is a constituted representative group and publicly funded non-profit organisation. As one of the founding members of the Table Mountain Mountain Bike forum, our mandate is to assist SANParks with mountain bike activity management in the Table Mountain National Park, with the aim of providing the recreational users a safe and well-managed mountain bike trail facility.TokaiMTB is in possession of a SANParks issued permit to construct and maintain mountain bike trails within the Table Mountain National Park, as well as host community volunteer programmes in Tokai. In order to continue operations, TokaiMTB relies on donations from both business and the public. Donation drives take the form of innovative fundraisers and offer rewards to individuals who enter and thereby donate to the fund. This helps TokaiMTB offer users full-time representation and trails management and meet the financial needs of this recreational activity.
  11. In partnership with Santa Cruz Bicycles, TokaiMTB is offering the chance to win a Santa Cruz bike from their lineup. As part of a national funding drive, each R150 that you donate to the TokaiMTB trail fund gives you one entry into the draw to win. Click here to view the article
  12. While we wait for the trees limiting full-time opening of Tokai to be removed or lopped, we've been lucky to have a few donors cover the cost of opening the trails to the public on additional days, such as public holidays. For this Friday's Youth Day holiday on the 16th, The Bike Park at Constantia Uitsig have, again, generously offered to cover the costs of the marshals, as per the agreement in place guiding weekend access. Thanks to Chris, who should be on a plane right now to compete for the title of Downhill World Champ, and the rest of the crew at The Bike Park, this long weekend could be your long weekend in the saddle! Good luck Chris, and thanks again.. Give them a follow on Facebook or twitter and inquire about some of their services like, skills training or bike repairs. - - - NOTE: There is another holiday coming up in August, so if you as a company or group of riders would like to contribute to open the trails for a day (includes a small donation to the trails), email us at trails@tokaimtb.co.za.
  13. TokaiMTB Volunteer Build Day 3rd June 2017, 9am - 3pm Join us for the next Volunteer Build Day of 2017! This build day takes place on Saturday the 3rd June at 9am. We'll be working on DH3 again! Thanks to the last build day, as well as the efforts of the Trail Tarts, the 2nd Bergvliet & 1st Steenberg Scout groups and a couple other intrepid volunteers, we should be able to open the lower extension of DH3 after this build day! After this, there will need to be a bit more material put into the trail in order to secure long-term sustainability (clay, clay, clay) and to get final shaping done, but with the basic trail being open, this could be done bit by bit and we can get back to enjoying DH3 in all its (NEW! IMPROVED!) glory. Vasbyt is now open again, and seems to be getting rave reviews from those who have ridden it. There are still a few areas which need additional material (clay and stone to replace sand) but that can be dealt with in good time. If anyone has a spare wheelbarrow, please bring it along to the build day, we'll be moving some material! Bring your hats, a spade or metal rake, sunscreen and plenty of water. A snack/lunch may also be useful! So - as normal, there are limited slots available. Please RSVP as soon as possible by filling in the form at the link below. See you on Saturday! As usual, please try to be there a little before 9am so that we leave nobody behind. Register here: http://eepurl.com/cQyhy5 Regards The TokaiMTB team.
  14. Join TokaiMTB for the next Volunteer Build Day of 2017! This build day takes place on Saturday the 6th May at 9am. We'll be working on DH3! The plan is to fine tune some of the existing features and also re-open the lower end of DH3 to the Quarry, so that we will have the entirety of the DH trail back in our grubby little paws. If anyone has a spare wheelbarrow, please bring it along to the build day, we'll be moving some material! Bring your hats, a tool, sunscreen and plenty of water. A snack/lunch may also be useful! So - as normal, there are limited slots available. Please RSVP as soon as possible by filling in the form at the link below. See you at 9am on Saturday! As usual, please try to be there a little before 9am so that we leave nobody behind. Register here: http://eepurl.com/cMffUn
  15. The Santa Cruz and Juliana Demo fleet tours the country putting on demo events for anyone wanting to ride a Santa Cruz bike. Working with our Santa Cruz Dealers at each stop, we do our best to seek out the best possible venues for these demos to allow you to get a true experience of the quality, performance and unique ride characteristic of the Santa Cruz bikes. What is a Santa Cruz demo? Well, its a truly unique experience; our team will spend time running you through the product range, they will ensure that the best suited model is made available for the trails and / or your riding preference, and from there work with you to set the bike up from riding position to suspension and general ergonomics. For us a demo is not a ride up and down a parking lot, but rather a true experience of what its like to own a Santa Cruz and ride it on your favourite trails. Models change from stop-to-stop, so contact the organizers well in advance to make sure the frame you want to try will be available. And don't forget to bring your pedals, some photo ID and a credit-card (for a damage deposit). View the Demo Tour HERE Demo Calendar: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/embed?src=rushsportscycling.com_9ad03thd3jj2c25nrc79voabio%40group.calendar.google.com
  16. TokaiMTB, SANParks, Amarider and PPA can proudly announce that Tokai will open to the public on the weekend of 10 December, 2016 at 7am sharp. This will be on a trial basis over weekends only (excluding Christmas) while contractors remove the remaining burnt and dangerous pine and gum trees that continue to pose a risk to users. Click here to view the article
  17. It’s a good time for mountain biking in Cape Town, not only do riders get access to additional trails in the Table Mountain National Park through the completion of the revised Environmental Management Plan but in the same week, the legal indemnity offering early access to the closed areas of Tokai, as drawn up by Amarider and SANParks, has been approved. It was in the interest of public safety as well as protection of environmental integrity that Silvermine and Tokai were closed to the public for safety and rehabilitation purposes after the March 2015 fires. TokaiMTB and SANParks however continued to engage with recreational user groups during this time to jointly discuss the way forward, including the early reopening of Upper Tokai on a weekends-only trial basis. The early reopening will be continually assessed in terms of compliance, safety and environmental issues that will dictate whether the area is eventually opened during the week as well. The devastating fire in March 2015 has reaffirmed the value of Tokai to Cape Town’s recreational users. Local mountain bike representatives, TokaiMTB, roped in the assistance of Amarider, the African mountain bike advocacy group, to provide the cover needed for access. According to Amarider’s Meurant Botha, “Legally, the early access is made possible through Amarider who signed the temporary access agreement with SANParks. There is an insurance and indemnity requirement that Amarider uses in a similar process to insure trail groups and access around the country.” The Pedal Power Association’s (PPA) CEO Robert Vogel said, “we are very pleased to finally see the gates to Tokai reopening and asked riders to respect the hours and rules during the trial period”. The PPA assisted in providing the bulk of the funding needed for the reconstruction of the trails which also allowed for two contractors to apply the finishing touches to various iconic trails over several weeks. Team RSAWEB rider, Renay Goustra was on hand to provide an insight to the restoration and lead up to the reopening of Tokai. Teams of contractors, SANParks staff and TokaiMTB volunteers embarked on an extensive rehabilitation process including repairs to routes and tracks damaged during the fires and felling operations to clear the burnt and dangerous trees. The tracks are now almost complete with about 80% rideable and work on the remaining tracks is set to continue into the new year. Tokai volunteers arrived in droves and worked through some extreme weather at times to help restore Tokai’s trails. Other operations which are ongoing in Tokai include; the continued rehabilitation of the areas including the removal of alien invasive plants and remaining burnt trees, the installation of chains, fencing, gates and signage to prevent users from accessing any hazardous areas. Information signage (maps, indemnity and conditions of entry) have been installed at the pay point and trail heads, while marshals will be stationed at strategic points to assist riders and monitor compliance. A sponsored TokaiMTB security initiative will provide early detection in a joint initiative with SANParks and a local prominent business. SANParks does however still recommend that you ride in groups of four or more and discourages users from carring valuables while in the Park. Please also ensure that you notify someone of your intended route and expected return time and save the following SANParks emergency number on your phone: 0861 110 6417. Zoom into the map (PDF) to view the recently restored trails available for riding and take note of the areas to avoid that still pose risk to users. Note: Not all trails will be open by launch date. TMNP Area Manager South, Gavin Bell said, “We would like to thank TokaiMTB for their constant engagement and assistance, without which this opening would not have been possible. Thanks also go to Meurant Botha of AmaRider for his leadership and to PPA for their invaluable funding. SANParks would also like to thank the great work done by the various other stakeholders namely; the TokaiMTB volunteers as well as the Tokai District Riders Association who have also shown their commitment to assist in a successful reopening.” As a suggestion since Tokai will be opening on a trial basis over weekends only, before committing to buying an annual activity permit, consider opting for a daily permit on the opening weekend to “test” the tracks and get accustomed to the changes in the area. An ongoing program to clear the alien seedbank stored over the many years of commercial timber operations in Tokai has commenced. Teams are active in every corner of Tokai to tackle the challenge ahead. The slopes without the pine trees and the alien infestation from more than a century of commercial timber harvesting, means the area looks very different from what it was and may come as a surprise to some. The summer days will be hot and windy until the naturally occurring fynbos has been restored through ongoing alien clearing efforts. This will eventually accommodate pockets of Afro-montain forests to usher in new life and shade for a range of new experiences in Tokai overlooking its newly restored spectacular views! TokaiMTB would like to take this opportunity to thank SANParks for allowing this prime conservation area to provide a vital resource for healthy living whilst supporting the continuation and enhancement of recreational activities for the enjoyment of the public. We also thank the volunteers, Amarider, the Pedal Power Association and all the individual and corporate donors who have supported the reconstruction and reopening of these cherished mountain bike trails. See you on the mountain! Important info: Purchasing of activity permits can be done on weekdays at the Tokai Wildcard Sales Offices, while Cape Town Tourism Offices located at Kirstenbosch, Simonstown, the Airport and the centre of town offer other alternatives to purchase the Activity Permit (these sites are open on weekends too).Access for mountain bikers will be from the Tokai Picnic site while access for hikers, joggers and walkers will be from the Silvermine entrances only. Cyclists who intend to access Tokai from Silvermine via Ou Kaapse Weg, Constantia Nek and Blackburn Ravine, be aware that there are a limited number of parking bays available in the mountain bike car park. For ease of access we recommend you arrive on your bike as the Greenbelt offers direct access to the area. Cyclists to please also note that many of the jeeptracks are shared with horse riders, hikers and trail runners, please respect that they have right of way. This does of course not apply to the MTB only designated singletrack which have undergone some recent changes in direction. We urge you to get accustomed to the revisions before heading out and to take note of changes as indicated in the signage on the trail. Remain on designated trails only, remember access is going to be reviewed on an ongoing basis. The Arboretum is still closed to all public access. SANParks emergency number: 0861 110 6417. Tokai gate times: May – September, 8am – 5pm October – April, 7am – 6pm Silvermine gate times: May – August, 8am – 5pm September – April, 7am – 6pm Access fees: TMNP Day Permit Fee – R75.00 TMNP Annual Activity Card – R500.00
  18. A bit of news in this post for the last "fortnight" TokaiMTB build day. Have a read.. If you recall before the fire, build days were set at one build per month. We would get a turnout of any number of people but usually not exceeding ten. That said, the turnout was never a problem, if I recall there was only ever one day that I can remember cancelling a build day due to poor turnout - which for people working hard in the heat or rain on a day they could rather be riding, or spending time with their families after a week in the office, always impressed me. There's always been a reason to continue the volunteer builds even with small numbers, because of a dedicated group who saw the value for everyone's benefit to keep this network of trails open for the last 20+ years. So now after the fire and the first ever closure of Tokai, the thought of reopening the damaged and overgrown trails was quite daunting when we considered that most of the work would need to be done for free and in a tight timeframe too. Sure, as a committee and even before that, we identified the need to find a source of income to pay people to manage the trails if the sport in Tokai was ever to progress and remain sustainable, especially with the new conservation requirements coming into effect as the pines are removed but that self-sustaining income source continues to be an elusive one to say the least.. ; ) So what turnout could we expect with an introduction of a build day every two weeks if one per month was drawing the core group of only ten? We only had a few months available to us during ideal building weather and the list of work was way longer than ever set out before! Well, I can quite honestly tell you that we didn't expect almost 20 per day and on average almost 60 per month! Not only did we meet our targets for open trails but we were able through the effort of these volunteers to allow the TokaiMTB appointed contractors enough time to craft a few sections of trail to give everyone a taste of what is still to come.. The PPA, seeing the value of trails in our city, didn't hesitate to approve the money we needed after the first trail was cleared. Rain and heat certainly didn't matter to the volunteers, we even threw out a few warnings of high temperatures or freezing cold, windy and wet days only to have greater response and turnouts than the weeks before?! This defies all logic but then it is said that riding is a "spiritual thing" and yes, we were also offering Devil's Peak beer. Sadly, we have come to the start of the summer months and without tempting heat exhaustion, we made a choice from the start to revert back to one build day per month. We do still have a lot more work ahead of us and while the frequent volunteer builds are possibly the best way forward, we know that riding time is also going to be high on people's to-do lists certainly after Tokai is open (hint). Build days will continue to be advertised on the TokaiMTB website, Twitter, Facebook & Bikehub but will revert back to one build day per month from the end of September. Thanks again for everyone's commitment and patience, the reward is on the way .. The registration link, 24 September, 2016
  19. So much happening all at once. Material, permits, safety, gates, keys, contractors, planning, motivations, poles, chains, money, labour, signage, marshals, meetings, emails, sponsors, donations, progress reports.. more planning. I think I might sleep this weekend.. after the build and after my beer that is! What do you say Mark, join me for a beer at 12:01? Ok, you were looking for the link to the next TokaiMTB volunteer build day supported by Devil's Peak Brewery (have a look at their range of beers, seriously some of the best artwork out there). Register here: Cape Town will be glad you did! - - - If you cannot make it to one of the builds but want to support the rebuilding of Tokai's mountain bike trails, please consider making a donation to help the group working behind the scenes to make it possible. Amarider have graciously provided a donation portal to hep direct the funds to where it is needed most..
  20. Time for an update on progress made so far. Over 4 build days the Volunteers have been able to open the Switchbacks, DH0, DH1, DH2 and Vasbyt. These trails may not all be rideable at this stage but you would have seen by now the photos of the work being done by Reto and his team contracted to add the finishings for fun and future sustainability. The contractor's bills will be covered by the PPA but as much credit needs to go to every individual who has contributed to this collective effort to reopen Tokai. Out of a potential 80 people expected over 4 build days (20 max for each), the turnout is currently sitting at an incredible 72! Thank you.. the goal of having the trails rideable by December is certainly achievable with everyone's input. For our 5th build on the 13th.. We have some more work planned for DH0, which is really starting to take shape now having been the worst fire and logging affected trail of all.We will also finally be moving onto the Snake trails starting at Boomslang which for some reason has taken the brunt of alien infestation and water damage. This trail needs you!Devil's Peak Brewery, in the same spirit of giving back, steps up again to support the volunteers. This is a very welcome contribution especially for the post work chat.. thanks DPBC. Registration link: http://eepurl.com/caAvu1 NB: Remember, if it is raining –like bucketing down– we'll make a call on the morning by 8am and email the group should the event need to be postponed. Thanks again!!
  21. Yes, we still need your help! The Pedal Power Association have committed to covering the costs of two contractors to help reconstruct the trails damaged as a result of the fire in 2015. Shäun Havenga and his Trail Troops will soon join Reto and his team in applying the trail features and finishings during the time leading up to the official reopening – still estimated to be end December 2016. The PPA's involvement is great news and we are grateful for their contribution but this is not to say that everything is taken care of. There is still the need for the volunteers who to date, in three build days, have been able to reopen most of the Downhill, Switchbacks and Vasbyt trails in preparation for these two teams to move in and focus on the features. The contribution from the volunteers makes a significant difference and it is due to the sheer numbers that keep turning up to each build that has allowed the progress we have seen! The PPA contribution also covers the cost of the imported clay-based material Tokai's trails need to resist wheels and weathering. Unlike most other trails, digging away the topsoil in Tokai does not expose a layer of clay, instead what remains is a combination Sandstone and Granite based soils both highly prone to erosion but also critical to the survival of one of the world's most diverse but threatened plant species, Sandveld and Granite fynbos. Lining our mountain bike trails with the imported material will add resistance to erosion and thereby meet part of our sustainability mandate, but it also drastically increases the cost of the restoration and this is where volunteering helps the most, in alleviating the extra cost of clearing the trails. The Snake trails and Boulders, two iconic trails in Tokai still need to be cleared but DH0 and Switchbacks have already been started and are still in need of more attention, so join us on the 30th and help make a difference to the trails we will soon be riding again... Signup here - http://eepurl.com/b_dxqT Today we not only thank Devil's Peak Brewing Company who continue to support the volunteer teams making the the restoration of Tokai's trails possible, but also the PPA for their continued financial commitment to mountain biking in the Table Mountain National Park. The future is bright to say the least.. - - - Edit: If you have registered but don't see the registration confirmation email, please check your spam or junk filters. If you still have problems registering you can send an email to volunteers@tokaimtb.co.za and we'll assist. Registration closes Friday and a final confirmation will be sent out with a few more details.
  22. So while we continue to plan a date around reopening, one thing is certain; the trails need you! If you are keen to join helping restore our playground, please register to book your spot for a day in the sun (tbc) and fresh air (possibly very fresh). As usual, the tools for the job are spades, rakes, forks and gloves - and should the weather turn, we will make a decision before 8 and send a text confirming whether it's on or postponed. If you know anyone enthused about contributing, please forward the following indemnity link to them.. every contribution is greatly welcomed. http://eepurl.com/b9k5rP To register: Please complete all the fields on the following form accurately. The info you provide will be used on your indemnity allowing you access to the Tokai section of the reserve during the closure. You will be required to sign the printed form on the morning of the build before entering the park. We will meet at the Tokai picnic entrance 15 minutes before the specified time where you will be allowed to park your car inside the picnic site at the new mountain bike allocated parking. You will be shuttled to and from the work site and if you need to leave early, a shuttle will be provided at the above stated time. For those who can only manage a portion of the build, please complete the form and select your time allocation from the list provided. The first 20 registered volunteers, plus those arriving for the afternoon session, will be allocated a spot for the day. If you are not successful registering for this event, please try again for the next advertised build day. Weather permitting, volunteer builds are set for the following dates: Saturday, 16 July, 2016 Saturday, 30 July, 2016 Saturday, 13 August, 2016 Saturday, 27 August, 2016 Saturday, 03 September, 2016 Saturday, 17 September, 2016 All build days will be advertised on the TokaiMTB website, Twitter, Facebook and on Bikehub.
  23. SANParks and the Table Mountain Mountain Bike (TMMTB) Forum have over the past few months been revising the current 2002 cycling Environmental Management Programme (EMP) for the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP). A draft of the revised EMP will be released for public comment on Monday, 4 April on the TMNP and TMMTB Forum websites while hardcopies of the report and maps will be available at various libraries throughout the Cape metropolitan area and selected TMNP offices. Click here to view the article
  24. The purpose of revising the EMP is to update the current programme, to confirm existing cycling routes and to propose new routes. The EMP includes an updated Code of Conduct which comprises both cycling etiquette and compliance requirements to ensure safe, friendly and environmentally responsible cycling in the TMNP. Acting TMNP Park Manager Gavin Bell, said the review was long overdue and that the Park has been working with the widely representative Forum to produce a robust and practical EMP to guide and manage both mountain biking and road cycling in the Park into the future. Bell said he is encouraged by the identification of additional cycling routes to complement the existing network and thanked the Forum and Park staff for the hard work in getting the new routes into the draft EMP for public comment. Meurant Botha, chairperson of the TMMTB Forum, stated that the Forum has made strong inputs to update and improve the EMP and to introduce new cycling routes which are proposed to extend the current network of cycling routes in the Park and improve linkages in the network. The process and review of the TMNP cycling and mountain biking EMP is being facilitated by Simon Nicks from CNdV Africa to whom comments can be emailed: planning@cndv.co.za. Mountain bikers, road cyclists, other Park recreational users and the general public are invited to comment on the EMP which will be available from Monday, 4 April 2016 for viewing at the following Public Libraries: Athlone, Bellville, Cape Town: Central, Claremont, Fish Hoek, Grassy Park, Gugulethu, Hout Bay, Khayelitsha, Langa, Mitchell's Plain Town Centre, Mowbray, Simon’s Town and Tokai and at TMNP offices: Kloof Nek, Tokai Manor, Silvermine and Boulders. The revised Environmental Management Programme is available for download HERE. Comment dates:Date open: 4 April 2016 Date closed: 4 May 2016
  25. VOLUNTEER BUILD DAY 02 July, 2016, 9am - 3pm. Please consider supporting the reopening of Tokai's trails. If you are interested in joining this weekend’s volunteer build, please register at the link provided below... Dates and times are provided in the registration form and a confirmation email will be sent to you confirming your spot when registration closes.You have the choice of; full day, morning session and afternoon session, please select the relevant option.We have 20 spaces available and shuttles to and from the site will be provided. Shuttles leave for the work site at 9am so please get to the meeting point at least 15 min’s before.Remember to mark all your tools clearly and bring warm rain gear should the weather turn, because the forecast cannot seem to make up its mind.Hope to see you there! http://eepurl.com/b6O5iL
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