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  1. I also want to know...my HR is 92%+ of max all the way. 103%of Max at times. @hours +/-
  2. Bought a cannondale tandem from them 3 years ago, at the best price. Their service was cool too.
  3. Every now and the I got the same when I used rim tape. Used to "drown it out" with sealant. Then switched to No Tubes rim liner. The valve is built in! It takes 2 minutes to install and I seat even Makro bikes and their lucky packet tyres!
  4. My biggest problem with Babbas...it's highly addictive. Went there 3 years ago and cannot stay away ever since! Fast/ Friendly/Veilig Our whole family goes and we all love it...every single time. Bismarck is a treat. The food is affordable and fresh and leke. Friendly people. A great outing. I can understand if it is not the ultimate venue for race snakes....please keep it that way!! Go harass the social cyclists in Groenkloof...it's cheaper
  5. The best organised MTB race I ever attended! No queues, no issues, just super slick organization. Very well done!!!!
  6. Why choose if you can have the best of both worlds...Tallboy frame and Lefty shock
  7. Have done 80kms on the new saddle. The first 10kms was strange as I have been on the old one for 3 years. After 80kms I prefer this new one. Will post some pics and more comment after Mabalingwe Lion Man. R100 for the first one of you that spot me @ Lion Man by virtue of my ugly saddle!
  8. There was a big explosion yesterday at 2pm. We eventually located the crime scene. It was the sundrenched dry, now slimey, wall of the gardener's room. The steel wire beading sticking out of the front tyre told the rest of the story. The moral of the story: If you do a R300.00 tubeless conversion on a R600 bike the new nett value is NOT R900. It is R450, because that is the price of the UST tyre!
  9. Some of the serious-racing-tyres have very soft beading which makes them difficult to inflate on ordinary rims. An uneducated guess on what you describe, I think you might get those to work if you follow the process explained elsewhere on the hub.......Joe's tubeless rimstrips + slime + soapy water to help the tyre seat on the rim + bomb or compressor to do initial inflate (take out valve so air can rush in).
  10. "I build a short nosed Leisure saddle that is preferred by woman but also used by many men & it sells for R1150. My long nosed Competition model is my most popular saddle @R1260 & then there is the Freedom Challenge model designed for extreme MTB riding @R1600. All prices include a saddle bag & Fastmail postage."
  11. I use H14R on my helmet with the battery box in my belt and a Magic Shine on the handle bar. The H14R beam strength is more than enough for me and the fact that I can use 4 rechargable penlight batteries in it makes the battery life as long as I want it to be. The Magic Shine is even brighter but the sealed battery unit makes carrying an extra battery more complicated/expensive.
  12. The happy gardener who can take shortcuts through the veld was more than worth the expense! He refuses to wash the slime residue off the rims as it proves his tyres are tubeless
  13. With this kit...no lessons required..just a beer or two Rim tape and valves....that can be a different story.....my first effort ended in an explosion and a garage covered in green slime!
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