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  1. No I dont think it will, that is a "boost" (110x15), I think you need a "non-boost" (100x15). Looking at your photos, it look like the one I have is exactly what you need. It come of my Fox 32 Float 29 100 CTD fork. I'm in Alberton, if you are close to me, you can try it first?
  2. What is wrong with it, why do you want to replace it? I also have one lying around, 100x15 (M14x1.5mm thread) (non boost) original Fox. Let me know if you don't come right. The most important thing is to check if the thread is M14 or M15. Fox tend to use M14, thread diameter 1mm smaller that the thru-axle shaft, and then the thread pitch is also important, as far as I know Fox mostly use 1.5mm. Where are you located?
  3. Edit: Working now on Chrome & Safari, thanks Matt.
  4. When I started biking as a kid it was first a 3 speed and then a 12 speed (2x6) "dik lip". Never had any desire to put my fat arse on a "resies fiets" or gravel bike. I can go and ride anywhere with my MTB and its fast enough for me when I do ride on the road ... . Ride whatever the hell you like and work for you.
  5. Fook me, I didn't even know this existed ....🙈
  6. Probably, but that's not the purpose of "vlugsout", and believe me for the intended purpose, it works. https://af.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vlugsout Edit: The purpose is "to wake you up" and recover faster. Its not going to give energy or make you ride your bike faster.
  7. I think this is what you referring to. We used to use this (not for cycling though), it does "wake you up" and get more air and hence oxygen into your lungs to recover faster or to be ready for a maximal effort.
  8. You will be very lucky to get R5k. But you can start advertising there and negotiate to probably around R3.5k
  9. Agree 100%. That is the place to go perform, not to go learn. There are many other opportunities to "learn".
  10. You only needed to buy new pads for the XTR brakes and they are new again ... ??? Unless the calipers and or levers are damaged in some way, if not, I'm a bit befuddled ... Formula Cura 2 nice breaks though ...
  11. That's why I rather PM the seller directly pointing out issues with their adds. Most eventually do change/fix/update their adds.
  12. Yip no scratches there, just a bad lighting angle for the photo that make it appear that way.
  13. In general I agree, just NO. If it fit in with the color scheme of the bike and/or suspension, maybe, but ask me first before you put crap on my bike.
  14. Apologies for picking up the "stompies" form an old post .... . Legend indeed, in my eyes still the GOAT of distance running. I waited in anticipation for the Olympics marathon just to be "cheated" by Ethiopian athletics not to include KB in their team for the marathon. BTW the 3rd time they made the same mistake, once with Haile Gebrselassie and the second time now with KB, idiots !!! I'm going to stick my neck out big time. I will not be surprised if KB run the marathon world record on Sunday in the Berlin marathon. I read he said he is injury free and in peak condition, that only mean one thing to me, bye bye 2:01:39 !!!
  15. Not so sure about that, the Blevins attack was brutal. Only Nino when he was still at his very best would have kept up with that ....
  16. Mist or not, its still very pretty around there .... .
  17. Will hold thumbs for you. Would be a pity if you loose out on such a opportunity.
  18. Brakpan, Boksburg ... whats the difference ... 😂🤣
  19. What a race though and good to see Nino more consistently up close to the front again. That last attack was brutal, best I seen in a very long time. I'm not a huge fan of the Americans, but that was impressive, sending a clear message to the other top contenders.
  20. TheoG

    Chain issue

    True !!! Still recovering from some broken ribs, so no racing anytime soon. I have a brand new chain that will go on as and when I get to racing again.
  21. Eina, I thought as much. That was a very bad high speed crash.
  22. TheoG

    Chain issue

    Did a 40k ride yesterday and so far so good, no issues.
  23. Its so unfair the beautiful places you guys down there have to ride, I'm very jealous!
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