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  1. I sure did. You made ANOTHER stupid post.
  2. Stupid comment. He is making a post about an observation. I agree with him. Sure I am no angel all the time but respect starts at home. This country is lacking greatly in that department and all everyone ever does is point fingers. Good post. I hope it changes the attitude of at least 1 person. Then it would have been the post of the year for me.
  3. This is correct. See my other post.
  4. I think those are the two pieces that make sure for straight alignment not washers. You have to just work it out and make it work for you. I think your issue is quite common. You just have to work it out. There is no rule book fix as far as I know.
  5. Vitamin B to help with the extra effort required. If I miss mine in the am I feel a bit flat in the afternoon.
  6. I have heard 2 or 4 links. So I would also go with 3.
  7. R620!!!! Not sure if that is a "special" price.
  8. I would have to agree with this solution.
  9. Sounds good. Let's see how this weekends weather looks. Maybe Saturday or Sunday. There are no local races on. Not sure what your weekend looks like.
  10. Yeah likewise. Nothing to fix just wash it off. You would do well on on a SS. Will try and bring my other bike to the next race your side so you can test out the 1X10. Well done to you too. I think we would both be top 10 if everyone did the complete route.
  11. Your insurance won't pay out if you don't have all the keys to your vehicle on a theft claim. As far as I know anyway.
  12. It is pretty sad how things are going. The only side of this is at least they weren't hi-jacked. If these guys want your motor they are gonna take it. Surely at least one of these guys had a tracker of some sorts in their car or is that pretty much useless these days? It is a sad day when everything we own is just on a "borrowed" term. I hope the insurance companies take these event organisers to task for this. Unless that is also just a waste of time!!
  13. You can't really blame anyone on the results for this race. It was a bit of a crazy one but I really enjoyed it. I met a few hubbers, really cool people. I enjoyed it except for the last small water crossing we had where there was a rock that caught out a few of us and took a miniute to repair. I also think they did the best they could with what the conditions threw at them. You always get something at the end of this race and this year they didn't dissapoint. Great work form everyone all round. Well done to all.
  14. I agree with you. HOWEVER it seems "iBike" is a new rider or at least hi skills are limited. The problem with people learning is they tend to do the wrong things, crash and then take forever to get back up to where they were. Once he has managed to do the drop off a few times he will learn the quickest way to do it. Then he can figure out how much of which brake he needs and how it affects him.
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