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  1. +1 for the Courier Guy, we use them for our business, last 8+ years, never a days problem…
  2. Zebra

    Give it a TRI

    post removed by self: wrong area of Forum...
  3. Sam have sent your articles (1, 2, 3 & 4) to a mate (andrew Eve0 who entered twice, got quite a LONG way down the road, but failed to finish either time, to see if I might motivate him to try once more... (I actually collected him and three others in 2018 or 2019, in the middle of practically nowhere, they all piled in my van and we returned to Cape Town, they were bruised, but unbowed!) I think he did 2018 and 2019, one of them was with that HECTIC wind that blew, and blew, and blew! Cheers Chris
  4. not gonna argues on the LOOKS department, but functionally, it is a start...
  5. I guess he just left the word 'not' out, as in "I will never N-O-T ride without one again..."
  6. https://www.news24.com/ride24/gear/handlebar-breakthrough-for-gravel-riders-20210720 interesting article, and for example, it would allow ME (anyway!) to reuse MTB controls on a gravel/dropped bar... Chris
  7. Elevating his legs up against a wall, 30 minutes just before turning in for the nite, but on the bed, on his back, pillow under head, pillow under hips, legs up against the wall, at a 70-80 degree angle, seems to help some people get their legs to recover - this has worked for me, and I read it on a reputable (!) site, maybe worth a try, can even READ in that position, to pass the 20 - 30 minutes... Cheers Chris
  8. Source: Cycling News 2021-07-08T12:51:03.081Z Interesting information from Bradley Wiggins who is riding on the back of a motorbike for Eurosport. The 2012 Tour champion said that Cavendish "was rattled this morning" because ASO, the Tour organisers, didn't give him a green skinsuit, the aerodynamic clothing that the 36-year-old prefers to wear on sprint stages.
  9. to ADD to what Morne says, when I put the Roubaix Pro tires on my MTB, they were marked 700X30/32c... I then asked store salesman why they would be 30/32c, and not one, or the other... he replied depends on rim width, which would change effective diameter/profile of the tire... makes sense, I guess!
  10. any info you can share on where you SOURCED this from, and rough cost? thanks!
  11. https://tusker.run/ yowzer! Just read up on the Tusker. Again - YOWZER - that IS P-R-O-P-E-R… I knew you did trail running, but that one is Epic - good luck / God-speed! Chris
  12. Can confirm I put 28mm tires on for Eroica, on a steel Alpina, no rubbing/touching whatsoever, even under out-of-the-seat climbing, so zero problem on this bike. heve left them on subsequently, done 2 or3 road rides, they work well… IIRC, I need to let air out of tires only to REMOVE the wheels, since my brakes do not have the over-cam opening device.
  13. Bike is 2X, and each wheel set has its own cassette, near-new wheels cost R2.5K on this here hub, affordable cluster, cassettes are matching, yet affordable
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