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  1. No, 26’er’s are not dead: My own 26’er was reincarnated as an e-Bike; basically was an S-Works alu, my point being it had a very good spec of components (back then) and would not have realized much money had I sold it. having previously done a couple of Epics, Sani’s and other events on it, I have a slight emotional attachment to it, and it now does good duty as an e-bike, so was a win for me. cheers, Chris
  2. I believe the expression is….”as dead as a DODO” (extinct flightless bird). never heard as dead as a DILDO, but went to a Government school, so I may have been wrong all this time? 😉
  3. .dot.dot.dot. he REALLY should have placed dot/dot/dot after “I didn’t really….” then he leaves it OPEN for Part II, the sequel!
  4. Expected time of FIRST bunch (Elites) at bottom of S’Bossie? thanks!
  5. Sure IF Mandela was alive, you would have extended him the SAME courtesy? 😉
  6. Here is one, but it is a bit....'embarrassing'..... getting my bike 'ready' for this mornings commute, I noticed Mr. Spider decided this SELDOM-MOVED OBJECT would be perfect to start creating a Monster Web... (note to self; MUST get out more....! 😊) Please be gentle with me on state of garage, limited space and all that...! 'Proper' pics to follow...
  7. Don’t know, but I commute with a quick-draw taser…. in a gun fight, it would stay where it is, in a knife fight, same, but if someone wants to take my bike just by force (no weapon), I reckon i could tazer him/her.. extremely light, extremely affordable, R200 or so, worth considering if it is literally in your hands quick reach… chris
  8. Let’s hope the NEXT revolutionary improvement is self-STEERING bikes, I find it quite irritating to have to hold on to the handlebars continuously….. 😉
  9. Zebra

    ring the bell

    …ask not for whom the bell toll for; it tolls for thee….
  10. Yes, and....no. For example, their is a perfectly usable cycle lane from Paarden Eiland into Cape Town, but when riding ALONE (early mornings, mainly) I choose not to use SOME of it, since it passes a VERY well known (repeat) hijacking hotspot - the foot of the stair-bridge that leads from Woodstock, over many, many railway lines, to near Paarden Eiland - usually riders ONLY use that lane when they can ride in multiples, so there ARE exceptions, just so you are aware. Cheers, Chris
  11. a bit more detail, incl. e-mail addresses here, as well as a blank copy of an affidavit: MX Alliance Action Plan 1. Report Fraud to the Police and get a Case Number….see if you can link it to our case number namely: Case no.: CAS348/9/2021 - Maitland Police Station, Cape Town Telephone number: 021 5069400 Name of complainant: Rinette Grinton on behalf of Flying Brick (Pty) Ltd. 1. Report Fraud to the bank payment was made from. Documents required: • SAPS case number (Have to go into a Police Station and report the case; they will then send you the police case number within 12 hours) • Detailed affidavit signed/stamped by a police officer or Commissioner of Oath (Blank Affidavit doc attached) • Proof of payment • All supporting documents In the event that it was from FNB send documentation to Documents to e-mail: zwelibanzi.masuku@fnb.co.za The Flying Brick Case number with FNB is FNB Case Number #2021-1442664 Report Fraud to the bank you made payment into i.e. on our MX Alliance Invoice monies were paid into a Standard Bank, Heilbron account. Documents required: • SAPS case number • Detailed affidavit signed/stamped by a police officer or Commissioner of Oath • Proof of payment • All supporting documents All info to and supporting documents to Standard Bank – e-mail address: TransactionalFraudOpsSa@standardbank.co.za Chris & Rinette Blank Affidavit doc.doc
  12. I lived in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, for three years, 20-odd years back, and back then, the USA did some very good things converting ‘rails-to-trails’… which meant around 1km from my house, we had a 40 mile trail (unpaved, but very, very smooth) across the State line into Pennsylvania, the next door State…it was the old NCR Rail line, (North & Central Railway), and was fantastic for recreation, and a few people commuted (part of) it. The stations remained, they were turned into Tourist info, as well as a coffee shop, as well as a restaurant, as well as a bike rental/repair/shop! fun fact; I has a long-wheelbase u/seat steering recumbent, and could hold 40km/hour on it in short bursts; when 5 ladies were walking 5 abreast, in effect ‘blocking’ the trail, I would sneak up fairly close behind them and give a longish blast on an UBER- realistic wooden train whistle that sounded VERY much like the real thing… Well, the would SCATTER, and then we would all have a good chuckle when I blew past; their minds knew their was no train on the old railroad, but their subconscious made them scatter! All in good fun, of course! might not be so easy here, since land is so sought after…
  13. Back with you tomorrow, Tib 82, thanks. chris
  14. Stay well away; I am the person (zebra - Flying Brick on page 2 of that Wild Dog link…) who has last week laid a fraud charge with SAPS,as well as with 2 banks; his bank we paid R7K INTO last November, and OUR bank, FNB, which we paid money FROM… We had his website taken down, by Google, after alerting them to 97 complaints, by others. Hello Peter also has a fair bit of comment on him… Others are laying fraud charges, including a customer who visited us today looking for our ‘template’ used in perusing this matter. he is now trading as 2J’s detailing - detailing very high end cars, in Vanderbijlpark … he also has/had an online business trading in high-end watches… I plan to visit him hen next I am up in JHB. if you want the case number, or the ‘template’ we used, just shout. chris
  15. After many years of owning a good few bikes, I feel for the TYPE of riding I am doing now, I have a one-bike solution, that covers MY needs, rather well… a full Susser, which is a hard-tail when on the road, due to Brain front and rear… (I commute on it 1x or 2x per week) ….but a soft-tail off road, due front and rear suspension. with 2 sets of wheels, one MTB, one Road/ Gravel-ish… Flat bars, but with SQLabs mid-ends that more or less replicate honking on brake hoods; have said it before, one of the best pieces of kit I have added to a bike in 40+ years of riding. Drawback? It is a fair bit heavier than either road bike or gravel bike, but with above, I can easily compromise on that! a happy compromise, for me, anyways! Chris
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