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  1. Hello, Yes I am. My other bikes are Sram Rival and Sram 11speed Force which are noticeably less noisy
  2. Thanks for the info! I thought I was going nuts, and my LBS insisted it was the type of lube I was using, which is the same I use for all my road bikes, so that theory didn't make sense. Much Appreciated.
  3. I have to agree with you, running Sram on both road bikes and was recently persuaded to change to KMC, sounded like a sack of spanners, I also ride at 4 am so it's super quiet so was even more noticeable. Eventually went back to Sram chain. Saying that though, I recently bought a Venge with Sram Red and was astounded at how noisy the Red cassette is, reading loads of reviews that suggest changing to a KMCX10Sl chain, which judging how noisy the last KMC chain was is something I'm rather loathe to do
  4. I'm probably way off the mark here but Sagan seems to have lost his passion in his quest for the Green Jersey. Doesn't have the same fire that we've always experienced watching. Whatever it is , I hope he gets it back
  5. Hi guys, any suggestions on any sites streaming the Tour ? I truly can’t see myself listening to Mcrossen for the next three weeks. Right now the next 3 hours is a stretch.
  6. I was telling my wife about your Cycle Tour Bmx exploits and now I read this. You're an amazingly good person, with a very good perspective on life
  7. I recently had a number of online purchases whacked off my personal account and the fact that I was busy with a client did not check the message for 15 min. in that time I had 26K out of my account. Ran up to Nedbank to cancel the card, this evidently wasn't the highlight of their career as it was a somewhat laid back approach in dealing with stopping the card which I had with me. Whereas my business partner get's a call from Absa or Diner's immediately if there are purchases such as airline tickets or even purchases from Incredible Corruption. It took nearly a month to get my money back, and then due to the fact that I own a jewellery store and the purchases were for two watches overseas it was suggested that maybe I had bought the pieces for the shop. Now I realize I may look somewhat mentally challenged but even I would have to be rather backward in buying stock and then claiming it was fraudulent . Not to mention I would have had someone overseas to make the purchases. I understand your question as to what 'difference does it make ?' However I have just noticed that some banking/card institutions seem to have a better track record in informing you of dodgy purchases. And incidentally my business account is with another bank so it's not as if I use Nedbank for business purchases.
  8. I received this email as well, this is totally unacceptable. Nothing short of gross incompetence and mismanagement. What doesn't help is that I'm unfortunately with Nedbank who are sadly lacking in effective security measures. As mentioned, Garmin quickly absolving themselves of any responsibility .
  9. Besides the Amazing Mr Eddy Mercx, that presentation was cringe worthy in every respect. From The rapper that left everybody wondering what the hell this was, to the dumbest questions being asked of the rider's .
  10. I think in all fairness it's a legitimate question, you'll seldom find watch case and / or strap under warranty.
  11. Whereas before they were snapped up incredibly fast. I also noticed a few for sale that took forever to be bought
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