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  1. E-Bikes are not going away so the lets just incorporate them . The solution is simply give them their own class behind the " std " bikes and in that class they have two batches, Stock UCI regulated bikes and "OPEN" class where you can do what you like to your e-bike.
  2. Seen this a few times on tires that are exposed to the heat of a cars exhaust pipe, it heats up and gets the same perish signs as this and delaminates the carcass of the tire . put your bike on your caddy and take a look if your cars exhaust is blowing on it when you driving . if not then this does not apply to you 🙂
  3. Thats a 2004 Crank , 18 years old . not sure how a person would claim that .
  4. In this industry if you really want to open a store and turn your hard earned money into a 1 million rand profit over a few years you best start off with 10 million when you open your store, this industry you open for passion not profit. Don't do it all the comments from all parties on this topic have given the OP a clear answer .
  5. technically this is oxidization under paint from hi humid areas ( aluminum does not rust )
  6. i have always run a solid gear cable outer casing from sti to rd or fd ( new fd 's you can do this ) its eliminates any contamination and gear setting issues that arise from new frames with inner cable routing . if the frame has a stopper i drill it out with a 5mm drill bit . My 2cents
  7. rule number 1 , dont buy a matt bike they are a pain in the ass to clean. you end up trying so many different cleaning compounds , detergents ect ect then the paint goes funny and we run for a warranty . anyways my experience , now I buy gloss bikes , no issues .
  8. Does the warranty from Shimano carry over to the second owner ( second hand bikes ) ?
  9. Iron

    RC Cars

    http://www.axialracing.com/products/ax90022 Currently have this rock crawler , its a jol , we hangout at braai's in the bush a try drive all kinds of obstacles.
  10. running sucks ! but after years of cycling i started running to cross train , then one thing after another things like triathlons happened , trail running happened , street running happened , awesome people happened now i run more than i cycle. running still sucks but i cant wait to go do runs , i don't understand the sport
  11. odd are good i guess , sorry out of ideas , was my 2cents worth .
  12. ok there is your problem 9100 levers are not back compatible with 9000 calipers , this is the problem you having they will stay spongy . 9100 can only be used with new 9100 calipers ( they are smaller and use the new small pads )
  13. so to clear up 9100 levers with 9000 calipers ?
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