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  1. I got lambasted the other day by hinting at how crazy prices are. All this does is bloat a already way over inflated market.
  2. We should send second hand prices to /dev/null know what i'm saying. but in all honestly its a general problem.
  3. Why is a second hand 2013 Epic worth 35K-40k? In my very humble opinion, the second hand bike market in general is limiting the entry of a lot of south Africans into the sport. Apart from this 3rd party "2nd hand" hoard and smous vendors drive the prices up further. Its a absolute joke. We need a form of standardisation. Change my mind
  4. Pretty much sums up the problem ailing our society today. All I can say is what a little snowflake wanker.
  5. People expect way to much for second hand bikes, change my mind. Lets have a conversation. E.g Saw a old SL4 S-Works floating around for 60K... to mention one example,
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