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  1. I do not agree. It is an account of his experience.
  2. I did not bother, my wife stitched it. Unfortunately I will now look elsewhere for kit.
  3. I bought some bibs less than a year ago. The seam at the back unstitched .....embarrassing!!
  4. Tubolito cost me a lot of time at the CTCT. Slow leak which I tried to bomb. Turned out the valve was leaking where it joined the main body. Only a few rides on it. This was a replacement cause the previous one exploded when i pumped it up out of the tire looking for a leak. Another one had a leak and the special patches did not work. Thrown 2 away and will toss the last remaining one.
  5. A tube messed up my Argus time. Had a slow leak which I bombed. Lost a lot of time. Mental note : ALWAYS change the tube upfront!!! Used those orange Tubolites and it leaked where the valve joined the main body. Mental note : throw them away!!!! Mental note: go tubeless with Orange Seal and crack 3:30 next time:)
  6. How do I see pictures in For Sale. When I click on them I get a plain grey screen?
  7. A delicate wash? Don't wash with other clothes? Who wrote this garbage? I chuck my Assos in the laundry basket and it appears on my bed all clean and raring to go. I have been using Assos for 12 years - it suits my muscular physique
  8. The Schwalbe Pro Ones seem to be the popular choice. Anyone tried the Conti 5000 TL?
  9. If you look closely they are only 2 abreast.
  10. I have had 4 punctures in the past month and was advised to go tubeless. On asking around I have had conflicting replies. The Cons are seating issues and mess everywhere when you puncture. The Pros are no stopping for punctures and better ride. I have not met anyone who actually rides tubeless!! Any thoughts?
  11. Event Name: Midmar Notts When: 26 February 2017 Where: Michaelhouse, Kwazulu-Natal Category: Road 80km route through the scenic Midlands Meander. Start and finish at Michaelhouse School. Lovely hot showers available after your ride!! Go to Event Page
  12. There is your problem. Chuck the liners away they also caused me problems!
  13. I tried everything - cleat position, new shoes, shims, physiotherapy and in desperation I went to a podiatrist. He said "collapsed metatarsal" and in 10 minutes had built up my sole. Hey presto - no more hot spots!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could have saved myself a lot of money if I had seen him first
  14. Bollocks. We wear them to stop the harsh sun burning our bald patches and necks - best thing ever invented!
  15. I think unethical is not honoring the first person who called dibs on your price. That is why this thread has started - because of lack of ethics. I also buy a lot of golf stuff on an American forum and in 10 years of buying, I have had no problems with my dibs's. I must say though, I have had no problems with my numerous dealings in The Hub
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