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  1. Thanks guys for the info. I did sections of Hoogekraal and Contimanskloof. The highlight for me on Hoogekraal was Cape Cobra. On Conti’s I only did Supertubes. Definitely worth another visit.
  2. Just as well I only got there at 3pm, as I would have been totally oblivious of the closure.
  3. Just as well I only got there at 3pm, as I would have been totally oblivious of the closure.
  4. Thank you all for the recommendations. Which are the "must do" sections at Contwemanskloof? M
  5. I am looking for a recommendation for a ride in the Dirbanville area. I don’t know the area at all, but as I need to head out that way for a meeting tomorrow, I thought it may be an opportunity to get to ride some different trails. Prefer single track with some moderate DH. I will be riding alone so it needs to be safe. Info as to where to park and where I get the necessary permit will be appreciated.
  6. Anyone know what brand this bike is
  7. I must say this pisses me off too (and I have an eBike). If they come up fast but slow down until you have seen them and then safely pass, I have no issue. But flying past at speed does tend to take one by surprise and can cause one to go off line, which could lead to a fall. If I am on the eBike and it is busy, I adjust the power to the point where my effort and speed is similar to the majority of the bikes going up. That way we all ride to the top safely and enjoy the climb. I am not sure what the other eBikers think when the fly past me grinding up the hill. Probably assume it is broken (as I ride the brand that is rumoured to be unreliable) 😉😂
  8. Thanks for that correction
  9. More time was waisted starting this thread than simply replying "yes". Some you win, some you lose, but by not replying you definitely lose.
  10. Fair enough, most people don't like having their egos dented. But the analog guys/girls are not racing the ebikes. The ebikes are in a different class (mostly heavier class). The S2C have put up a nice e-bike etiquette, that if followed, shouldn't piss off the real bike riders too much.
  11. Why is it a recipe for disaster? Please expand
  12. AOD then default, easy win in the small claims court. If he has the ability to pay, that is another issue, but at least you should be able to get a judgement against him.
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