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  1. Thanks Donovan, That is what I wanted to hear,mind set on Rotor
  2. Hi Guys, Just bought a new bike.None of my old powertaps fits my new frame,wich is Boost(arghhhhh) To fit my powertap i need adaptors(R1000) and wheel needs to be dished. Stages doesnt have a Boost specicfic crank arm yet. So my joices are:Quark and Rotor I had the Quark (2x10) version a few years back,and it was a real piece of crap,but think Sram sorted that out. Does anybody uses any of these 2,any feedback will be appreciated. cheers George
  3. Tha Attakwas kloof is a good place to die.
  4. I'm the biggest Scott fan and getting the Spark SL at nearly half the price of the Epic WC.But man,I would happily blow my money(if i had it) and be converted to that thing in white!
  5. no such thing as bad weather,only bad clothing.My 4am rides in the Klein Karoo are always around the -4 degrees.
  6. Race Golds that's been tied and soldered,bomb proof and light!!
  7. thats why you should ride the Scale!loving my Scale Rc 900 to bits,toughest thing there is!
  8. they don't even deny that it does'nt work.Why the hell sell it in the first place???they must do a recall on all units.
  9. i got a refund,Nico Bell said his had to be replaced 3 times.Stay far away from Quarq mtb powermeters,the road ones are good,no wonder its not in production any more.I'll stick to powertap.
  10. Anybody using the quatro,what is your experience? Mine is of pure hell,I'm on my second spider and it works only for a few rides than it just dies.
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