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  1. Flights and plans changed. I arrive Capetown 12 Oct. Gonna sit this one out. I foresee beer, pizza and wine farms in my future.
  2. I been vaccinated J&J but only 10 days ago. Also had covid 1 Aug. Now the extra cost of screening. I'm also told that you can test positive for covid up to twelve weeks afterwards. Me thinks I'm just gonna delay my flight plans by a week and weather allowing go sit on the beach for a week instead. Drink beers and eat pizza.
  3. Spent some time installing equipment in a factory that made pistons for cars. same production line until it came to stamping and packaging. one very well known brand and no name brand. same pistons.
  4. My clutch cable broke on my Triumph Speed Triple 1050 on Thursday. True to form local dealerships have zero stock. Ordered a cable from Wemoto in the UK on Friday morning via DHL , 30 pounds was the fee, cable was in SA Saturday morning delivered to my house 10am Monday. Now thats frikken service !!!! Ordered a rear cassette from Ribble and couriered through Aramex been waiting 2 weeks now. Cost was very similar if not more.
  5. Generally the sales guys in shops dont know their stuff. It gets worse when you ask the sales guy to get the techie in the workshop to confirm the sales guys opinion and then you go with your research and buy the item anyway only to find you were right. Does not instill a huge amount of confidence. This is especially true when it comes to tools, bottom brackets shimano vs campi, italian vs english etc etc anything technical in nature becomes a huge problem in larger stores purporting to have unbeatable prices. as long as you want regular stuff you ok anything else you are on your own.
  6. People do this kind of thing ?? wow how low can one go
  7. So I decided that CRC and Skynet suck. My next order is via Ribble and the resultant courier is ParcelForce. So my order is for a crank tool that costs 17 pound. The delivery fee is 30 pounds for an item that is tiny and weighs like 50g. Anyway I pay the exhorbitent delivery because hey I need the tool and want it ASAP. Cool everything is really great until it hits SA. Guess what ParcelForce offload onto the SA post office and guess what I am going to end up waiting weeks and months to extract my delivery out of the international mail centre. So I ask you now what exactly is it am i paying 30 pounds for ?
  8. A while back I was on my MTB heading to work. I was using the grassy area next to the sidewalk which is well used by cyclists commuting and very safe. On this particular morning a taxi decided it was a good idea to use the grassy bit in an attempt to avoid the deadlocked traffic. The idiot ramped up over the sidewalk and on to the grassy area. The result was a collision between the 2 of us leaving me and my kit sprawled all over the show. all I got was a "eish so sorry it was an accident". Like hell was an accident I will not repeat my french lessons nor describe my attempt at not sparing his life. What i was amazed at was no one stopped to assist me in anyway or ask if I was injured ok or or ... and of course not a cop in sight.
  9. The jeans I wear for motorcycling seem to have a stretch in them which is why I buy them. I had not considered how they managed to get the stretch feature. A bit our lycra cycling shorts.
  10. I live 12km's from work. I commute via bicycle, motorcycle, run and last but not least by car. My least favorite is by car because of traffic and this happens once a year when there's a tsunami tearing Joburg a 2nd one. My favorite is by motorcycle. I have been doing this for about 20 years so I get to see all the s#$t that goes down in traffic real close up like. In fact I have even considered creating a website dedicated to safe commuting by sharing my experience with interested newbies and not so newbies. Commuting by bicycle unfortunately is my least favorite commute mode as I find that I am more vulnerable and at risk as opposed to other means. Over the years I have noticed that motorists have become very uncaring, lawless and outright reckless. Not everyone is like this but enough to be very afraid and acutely aware that today may be my last. So take care folks.
  11. I'm plus one there. Probably best to try give the local LBS a try even if you end up paying extra. The local LBS dont have the widest of ranges so if you want something slightly better or in a different color you have no choice but to use overseas cycle shop for example I'm particular about the make of gloves (quality wise) I wear and you can only get those gloves from Europe. I do a lot of motorcycling and buy all my parts from the UK at the beginning of the year for the year. The cost is about 50 to 75% cheaper than buying it locally so I save a fortune even if you add shipping and customs in. Strangely enough I have never had any issues with importing motorcycle parts. In fact they all arrive within days of placing the order. Good choice of courier
  12. My interaction with Skynet left me wondering about a few things. My initial communication was via email and the names on the cc list where clearly SA names. However when I escalated things (when they got nasty) to both CRC and Skynet I actually got a call from what was clearly an englishman(as in London). In the background I could hear everyone talking with english ascents. The call I received was a local number and the gent introduced himself as being from Skynet. So it seems the local crowd are not getting their **** together so Skynet UK calls me to sort it out but via a local nbr. Not sure how that works out or I've got it all wrong.
  13. After 14 days of waiting for a customs invoice and a day of slander on social media and heated phone calls I finally got an invoice out of Skynet. I actually ended up loosing it completely on the phone, why ?! I'm a bit cheesed about the R200 admin fee. Never been charged this before. Seems you got to pay for poor service. So I'm an extra R500 out of pocket for VAT, customs and admin fees. Now we wait for actual delivery. Lets hope that actually happens sometime this year. I must say before buying anything from CRC again I will have to be pretty desperate.
  14. Some people are like ostrich's and just dont see jack until someone yanks their head out the ground so they can smell the s__t
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