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  1. Never been able to understand how bad things must be to reach a point of no return like suicide. Such a finality about it. Very sad for family and friends. RIP Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  2. gravel section was 1.8km... Awesome pics Ronelle - thanks!
  3. servers is up again...loved the interview!
  4. Add The Pirate - Im in cape Town and he is in Gauteng and had no issues whatsoever...in fact received goods within 2 days via courier.
  5. thanks mrm - will try the pedal cleaning option and see how it goes.... mudda... no its a titanium frame but will check it too...
  6. ok thanks guys....i see a busy afternoon ahead!
  7. Recently my Litespeed Ghisallo has started to make some wierd creaking noises when I ride it. I have FSA SL cranks and KEO pedals and Ksyrium SL wheels on the frame. The creaking used to only happen when standing and climbing or sprinting, but has now starting making a similar clicking noise when applying pressure on my right pedal in the downstroke. I have had the torque checked on the BB and chainring nuts and the pedals, so everything is secured tightly.... Any ideas?
  8. Jeez! That looks like a serious hill! Starting to quiver for Masters Champs end of May! I'm gonna have to train on The Glen for the next 12 weeks!
  9. Nah...Kimi would have been at the finish already sipping Champers
  10. always found this be a huge problem too! i have always warmed up by riding to the start (12km) but by the time i set off i have cooled down totally...try to stretch in the starting pen but even that's difficult once the pen starts to fill up with riders!! the first 10ks inevitably hurts as the bunch prints off...
  11. Strange...if igo to the Actionography wensite all i see is last year's road events :-(
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