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  1. He's in KL. Dunno why he just doesn't ride his bike to work
  2. I see they've closed down as of yesterday. Got me a good deal off some tyres a few times from them. Was tempted to get the oneup edc from them as well. Sad to see them go
  3. Probably the mugging reported on botmanskop
  4. I dunno something about their new helmuts just make not so warm inside
  5. I'm in the market for a dedicated full face. Sold my leatt dbx 3.0 Enduro 100% Trajecta and Aircraft - undecided because of fit Bell Super DH - although convertible I'll probably always use as full face Fox Proframe - although I'm to believe it's discontinued, and can't find stock locally What other options are worth a look, and hopefully worth the fit. The aircraft 2 would be ideal but I'd need to sell my bike to afford one
  6. Trying to figure out who the hell is Hairy on a Davidson, then i realised o midlife crisis!
  7. Road bikes unfortunately don't sell as well as Mountain bikes do. ... however what you saying is not wrong. Only ethically . Apparently
  8. RBC can replace the steerer for you NDTuned does straight and other replacement streerer. Not the cheapest, but it can be done
  9. I'm told there's quite a bit of guys going down yes, I'm thinking of going myself but haven't decided yet
  10. What is it? Or is something that gets used by you and the Mrs together? 🍑
  11. If you know your size order from CRC? They had them on clearance that including duties you get them cheaper than RC landed
  12. This is sentiment shared around the world. It's probably why they "beefed" up their warranty clause. Well i don't know what their old warranty clause was but maybe this is just a highlighted clause aka marketing strategy. But yes, I'm the same I had the with mk1's the mk2's did well i think after about 4-5years of daily uses started showing signs of cracks
  13. Nah i meant in a sense of making multiple cups with the machine losing any oomph! As for milk texture i actually had the Oscar perfect in terms of consistency of milk texture.
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