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  1. Another phone grab on the bridge out of the owner of Woodstock Cycleworks pocket... He's texted from his wife phone now... doesn't seemed like he was hurt
  2. i pass that proposed location daily on my commute to get to table mountain, i can see in the surrounds the growing increase in illegal dwellings... its becoming more and more nervy going through there in the morning and and afternoon. honestly i feel way way more safer on table mountain itself...
  3. anyone know how the cyclist is doing after the crash on chapmans peak?
  4. the guy in the pic standing stationery looking rather confused... must be a fun bike for sure!
  5. Ride very very very fast out the blocks...
  6. So on the outer side of the lyne... i like what they did with the link between them
  7. ok... i added the suspicious activity on the buzzer app... I've also let someone in CoCT know and asked them to let the relevant people know... while its just attempted bikejacking/robberies could you please let them know to report it. @Hairy can you tweet your folks on X
  8. attempted? so the riders got away? assuming the same brick throwing technique was used? ...fark man if i was just recovering from flu and the little bit of rain that braced us this morning i would rode that section, although over the bridge to woodstock and not under
  9. pics or it didn't happen... happy brewing, love my Baratza Sette 270
  10. Their club has actually come out and said their riders need to be considerate of other road users. ...but agreed he could do with a right arm flick followed by the next rider overtaking him and him cracking a smile for his efforts
  11. I think this! and majority of what's happened on bikehub for last week or so... @Robbie Stewart and @nonky touches on it slightly on the dangerous area thread... Does people really have nothing better to do, I'm probably gonna sound like a hypocrite now but everyone really needs to chill the phuck out... take a deep breath and not complain about everything especially here on Bikehub. In the time Chris (whom i have, and slightly less now, i respect) did he help or educate any of these cyclists. How about some posters stating cyclists share the road... It really shows how backwards our society is... for me this is the same as driving past when those cyclists are attacked with bricks etc. It's take me and you to make the difference by actually doing something constructive... The rest is all just hot air on social media which fuels more hatred and anger
  12. ah ok, i'm in the same boat as you... my HG body is currently on with the Shimano XT 11spd but will put my XD driver on when i change to Eagle 12spd eventually
  13. i felt the same the year the argurst was cancelled. and wasn't back since, got a freebie entry last and rode it... will probably only do again if another freebie comes my way...
  14. did you message them up and ask if you can't buy it with the xd instead of the hg freebody?
  15. ok got this working on android phone , mibox , windows pc. I also managed to get it installed on the xbox one but for some odd reason the stream to load, was giving me an error will check again what's that about... as @Red Bird has said, there's channels 1 and 2 of eurosport i wonder if they'll add more should the more sports happen
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