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  1. jcza

    The Classics

    Get a virtual card from Shyft. VPN to Ireland Get Discovery+
  2. 2022 was the hottest since 2013. At the start was 27c and average was 37c with max of 46c, and that was before 10am when I bailed. First time I saw a traffic jam at WP1.
  3. Will try find a picture. Sadly, sold it because I was battling to get spares and simply didn't have the time it required.
  4. Very lazy last 2 years. Need to up my game.
  5. jcza

    RiP Thug

    In a world of knobheads and posers a real gem. Tony you were unique, one of a kind, die hard Liverpool, straight razor and fitness enthusiast. Will miss the banter my friend, until we meet again.
  6. Also known as the Streisand effect....
  7. I think you missed MvPs victory at MSR. (Unless it’s another trick of course)
  8. Pog has a chance but will battle with MSR and PR. WvA if he changes teams. MvP - Lombardia is a problem. Remco - not sure he'll survive the cobbles of Roubaix. The next youngster.............don't know his name yet.
  9. jcza

    The Classics

    Tyre pressure monitors, thru axles, tubeless etc. can’t help but feel tubs and quick-releases will be better.
  10. jcza

    The Classics

    Jumbo Visma in Paris Roubaix 2022: Laporte: Multiple Mechanicals (Including wheel breaking down) Van Aert: 2x Mechanical (One on Arenberg) 2023: Laporte: Mech. on Arenberg Van Aert: 2x Mech. (One on Carrefour) Time to question equipment instead of accepting it as bad luck?
  11. Seems to be a common theme these days, finding fault, being triggered and enraged. Just be lekker instead.
  12. Can someone please explain the qualifying process to a noob?
  13. Suppose the team manager will decide
  14. That is equivalent of World Champs and TdF in same year. Maybe Merckx or Cadel Evans?
  15. I thought the rider in front always has right of way.
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