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  1. Super stoked for Alan's 4th place, and he has been making solid improvements in each race this season, and peaking towards the Olympics. Definitely has a shot at the podium in Tokyo My dark horse pick for Tokyo though must be Cink, watch this space!
  2. Crap, didn't know it was an earlier start today!!! !$@#$%!!! Turned on the TV at 12h00, and looks like there has already been some interesting developments!! I think we are in for an exciting day!!
  3. Having spent several months living and riding around McGregor, watching the video put a smile on my face, and brought a tear to my eye Very inspiring story 👍
  4. Some do, some don't... Most don't Stilwater reimbursed me 75% of my entry fee for the Origin of trails event in April (and allowed me to keep my freebie jersey I received). Why did they do this? Probably because it is the right and honourable thing to do... So kudos to them for doing so, and for having been very clear on their website about the risks of the event being cancelled, and their reimbursement policy in the event of it being cancelled 👍
  5. Ok, thought maybe as much... 👍 And I would then probably agree with the "many doping allegations" levelled against almost anyone and everyone who rode bike races way back then...
  6. Like most of the world I support "whoever is playing against England" lol
  7. Honest, yet possibly naive question I guess 😊 Will wait for the explanation about Eddy Merckx 👍
  8. Excuse my ignorance, but who is "that cheat"?
  9. Totes agree!! The race organisers should refund the entrants, or at the very least refund 75% like Stilwater did when they cancelled the Stellenbosch Origin of Trails ride earlier in the year (April), which was also due to lockdown measures.
  10. At those kinds of incredible savings, I ordered 2 from them (but being CWC, they told me they're are waiting for stock from suppliers and will deliver in 17 weeks time...)
  11. Hey Theans Happy to be one of the guinea pigs 🐷 I ride MTB, and live in Cape Town CBD. - Mark
  12. Really interesting video, and makes me laugh thinking about weight weenies spending R1200 on a 25g bottle cage haha 🤣
  13. I also ride alone, so happy to ride during the day together if you want. Drop me a PM - Mark 👍
  14. Hey Wolver Not exactly sure of day, but think it was a Tuesday, and around 14h00 in the afternoon. I find that I now feel safer riding later in the afternoon/evening (around 16h00-18h00) as there are more people out and about, than during the middle of the day when the area is quieter. I have now changed my "old" route and avoid the areas around Lions Head, and now generally ride from Camps Bay up through the Glen, then Tafelberg Road (or above Deer Park / Disa Park) to the blockhouse and back.
  15. Hey Eddy You say you "used to" ride there, is safety and security the reason you don't ride Lions Head / Table mountain anymore?
  16. Did they get the bikes? Or was it other things they were wanting? (Watch, phone, money?) It seems that the target isn't as much the bikes always, but people ON bikes, which are obviously seen as an easy target. Horrible to say it, but reading this makes me want to ride less, and gym more... As someone who rides alone (MTB), I am increasingly worried about where to ride, and what to take with me when I ride. Some good advice and suggestions on the site, but it seems like everyone and everywhere is increasingly a risk. 2 weeks ago I had 2 guys come down the side of the mountain/slope near the Kramat around Lions heads. Fortunately I had seen them stand up from behind some bushes when I was still 30-40M away, and as soon as they realised they had been seen, started running towards me. I was able to turn my bike around and speed off downhill. Needless to say, haven't been back there since.... Glad these guys are both ok after the incident
  17. Impressive handy man skills!!! Looks awesome!!
  18. That is horrible!!! Article doesn't really give much details of what/why happened though? Those photos of the mangled bikes, and the wheel on the bonnet of the car....
  19. Agreed!! R50k is still bucket loads of cash to pay for a 15kg bike, but compared to similar offering from the likes of Specialized or some of the other brands, I still think their pricing looks surprisingly competitive
  20. O my OMG!! Sitting here drooling all over my keyboard 😋 Pricing looks "fair", and not that different to previous year 2021 models. I am guessing there will be a lot of eager buyers putting their names down...
  21. Totes agree! Work on your flexibility, but a bike fit is ALWAYS a good idea
  22. I have the same Sony 1000XM4 earphones, and they are pretty incredible for planes, home, etc, but I found that they become a bit sweaty when using them whilst exercising. And they aren't exactly cheap either... I recently purchased a pair of Skullcandy Sesh in-ear buds on takealot for about R600. Although they aren't noise cancelling, they are in ear buds and fit snuggly, so not much sound comes in. Find they work great for cycling and gym.
  23. 1.86cm, and when doing hard training (weight training) weigh around 98-100kg, 10-12% body fat. Recently been cycling a lot more, and weight has dropped down to 92/93kg, and the difference up hills is remarkable. I thought it was the weight difference of the 2 XC bikes (comparing normal to carbon wheels, 10.3kg vs 9.8kg XC bike, 1 vs 2 water bottles, camelpack vs bottles, spares vs no spares, etc, etc, etc...) until I realised that it was body weight, plain and simple! Even with a 2-3kg difference in body weight, I can feel a SIGNIFICANT difference when riding uphill, and over technical terrain. Difficult to admit for a newbie, but I've learn that body weight is where it counts most
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