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  1. I also have a green one. Finally given up trying to get the card version.
  2. I had a totally broken top tube and seat stay after a freak accident where I rode into a grid on a bridge - the steel bars of the grid were about 40mmm apart but aligned parallel to my travelling direction! CBR repaired both the breaks, resprayed the whole bike two new colours and rebuilt the bike. It now not only looks like a brand new bike but rides like it did when it was brand new as well. Fantastic quality workmanship and attention to detail.
  3. Im definitely not in denial regarding Covid. Im simply pointing out a freely available statistic to try and illustrate the risk of Covid fatalities as it affects the various age groups. In fact I am possibly more at risk than most people on this forum. (Im 60 y.o.) I have not contracted Covid myself but used the stats as a source of comfort to myself and my Mom (aged 83) when she contracted it a few months ago. Obviously I would not like to inform orphaned kids whose parents have both died as a result of Covid that they are a small percentage. The same would apply to kids who have lost both parents in any other type of tragic event. Yes - taking part or attending any event with many people during the time of ever changing government disaster management protocols is a risk.
  4. Its not a case of losing the money at all. Its the way the organisers wasted no time from CRs announcement of further stricter lockdowns to cancelling the event. That leaves a bad taste in most peoples mouth. Why not make an effort to formalise plans and proposals to try work around CRs new shooting from the hip one size fits all rules. COVID 19 presents a high risk for the very few and negligible risk for the many. The infection fatality rate in different age groups: <19 y, IFR= 0.003% 20-49 y: IFR= 0.02% 50-69 y: 0.5% >70y, IFR= 5.4%
  5. As expected the Knysna race organisers did not even bother to wait till the end of this 14 day bizarre lockdown to cancel the event scheduled for 17 July. All the entry bucks in the bank - now just send the copy and paste email on how sorry they are blah blah and you can still do the virtual event (yay) but don't expect any entry money returned. Cant afford to be killing people for the sake of a ride now can we.
  6. Hi guys, Is the account for donations still open?
  7. Hi, Im planning on riding in the am either this week or next thru Simonstown, up to the reserve, thru Scarborough and then crucially over the Ocean View hill and into Noordhoek. What is the current word on the street regarding going past Ocean View please? Will appreciate anyone that knows what the situation is at present. Look forward to your responses.
  8. Yes also keen for this one! - mainly to get out and do an actual event. Not really concerned with achieving an amazing time. We all need some form of sanity back. Its for sure possible to have an event without being "mass murderers". A few adult decisions and protocols required.
  9. Guy comes here from Mars: Whats happening here? Earthling: Pandemic worldwide - spreads like crazy and people dying all over! Mars guy: Ok - No wonder the lockdown all over, masks, economies shut down Earthling: Except Sweden - Wow they messed up alright. Swedish current stats: Population over 65 yo = 2.1 million Covid deaths in this age group = 7419 % of 2.1 million = .35% Population under 65 yo = 8.4 million Covid deaths in this group = 365 % of 8.4 million = .004% Mars guy: mmmmmm
  10. Ah great - thanks a stack. That sounds like the guy I need. Ill make contact with them and hopefully they can sort it out.
  11. Does anyone know where in the Cape Town area I can get my Wahoo Kicker sorted so that it runs quieter. I have a relatively old one - probably 1st generation bought about 3+ years ago, but it works perfectly except for the screeching noise which seems to be getting worse. I remember recently seeing an ad somewhere where this issue could get addressed. Thanks in advance
  12. It looks stunning when travelling the route by car. We are thinking of making the final call a day or two before so that we can get a clearer indication of the projected wind (Windguru is still the most accurate IMO followed by yr weather). We also will ride in the week and early morning to hopefully miss the Harley and sport car individuals.
  13. Has anyone recently cycled the road from Gordons Bay to Hermanus? A small group of us are planning to do this in a few weeks time with a stop overnight in Kleinmond. Is the route safe or are there any known crime hotspots on the way? A friend did it years ago and it was fine - not sure these days tho? Any relevant info regarding the route will be appreciated.
  14. I forgot my iPhone at the top of Chappies on this past Sunday morning (6 Dec) . I left it on the small rock retaining wall and cycled off down into Noordhoek, thru to Simonstwn and then back to my house in St.James. Only then did I realise it was still at the top of Chappies! As a long shot, after phoning my phone and getting the answering service, I rode my scooter up to the top and to my massive surprise someone had obviously spotted my phone and had the fantastic vision to half hide it but it the same area. Thanks to whoever that person is and its greatly appreciated - if you are out there and read this message me give me a shout - I owe you one!! There are still good petiole out there
  15. I live in st James and leave at 5.30 am on the week ends weather permitting. I would be keen to join a group heading towards Scarborough area.
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