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  1. Shocking display from our Rugby 7's side. Got thumbed by a 6 man Argentina side in the Quarters after their one player was red carded in the opening minutes of the first half.
  2. AMP has posted a nice vid on her social media pages giving a run down of the woman's race yesterday and highlighting how unpredictable cycling can be. She also recons that she is a darkhorse in the ITT due to the nature of the course. Anything is possible.
  3. Ja. Tuned into 207 and WTF, wrestling
  4. It was a total mess up. Only got their kit early Friday morning. And to top it off, the kit is apparently not UCI legal so they will incur a fine on top of the fines already received for training in non country kit.
  5. Lost for words. You would of thought that they would have learnt a lesson from the Fark up at the 2016 Rio Games.
  6. It an absolute joke by the sounds of it. Follow Rusty Woods on instagram and when you see the array of kit he got, goes to show how useless our national suppliers are.
  7. This is old kit that Ashleigh took with her. Apparently Cycling SA don't have any kit.
  8. Back to the original topic. Is there any update on how the charges are proceeding?
  9. If I had a spare R175k lying around, would snap this up in a heartbeat: *New* 2017 Colnago C60 Ottanta5 Ltd Edition - 56cm | Bike Hub
  10. These guys never learn. All of us must just comment on his page WRTO his other dealings to alert unsuspecting buyers out there
  11. What would really be a fitting end to a good tour would be for MainCheese to get into the break today and then go on a lone attack. Just some wishful thinking.
  12. Must admit, the commentators were bloody annoying. Ranting on on how Podjacar had cracked and that Jonas was riding into yellow
  13. FondTF2

    Hi guys

    The Merida's have the cross bar between the two rear stays (just above the rear wheel). As Eugene said, you could get by with a 27.5" inch tyre but it would be a very tight fit. Any grit/mud that gets on the tyre will more than likely scrape against the cross bar. The other thing you also have to consider is the compatibility of the front fork to run a bigger tyre.
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