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  1. you attempoted the hammer/locktite/squeezing back in remedy?
  2. Don't forget that the luggage handling (ground handling) isn't being done by the airlines themselves but other companies dedicated to such services. So, in general, usually it's not the airlines fault if an item gets damaged during transport but the handling agent chosen by the airline for his service.. And then it comes down to the individual handling your item - he might have a bad day or simply be to weak to handle it and it gets damaged. If the person has a good day your box might come back out again with a small scent of roses and a smilie face drawn on the box. If you want your bike safe pack it accordingly. If it still gets damaged you have a good reason to complain! To met it's alawys more important
  3. I am literally as far away from the Eurobike as you can be. Imagine having it in Cape Town but you live on the border to Mocambique. (But I'm actually going south tomorrow for the weekend and will ride the Stelvio Pass Saturday - with a rental Specialized (spit) nogal).
  4. BS as in bull***t? I have three bikes with BB30's and they all annoy the hell out of me. All bikes younger than 1 year. And as everyone who does some tech chit chat knows it's not an unkommon problem. Sometimes locktite does magic, but not always.
  5. DON'T DO ANYTHING! Leave it in there and be happy you don't have a BB30 in there that whines more than you mommy when you get hom too late for supper!!
  6. I'm looking forward to hooking up with with a chick during my ride then. Information deluxe!
  7. Nah, that's no display of knowledge. Really. Weather looks beautiful! Thanks.
  8. Where have I shown you any knowledge? All I know is that I'll clock off in 30 to ride my bike instead of speaking about it. I'm one of those people born without any talents and have picked any up along the way. The same comes to knowledge. But we are on the hub, right? Lucky me!
  9. Well, that's obvious. So what's the conspiracy behind this one?
  10. Exactely! Go and race overseas and proof yoruself and collect points there. Substract the points cherise has won in South Africa and during African champs and it will make pooof. Show your dedication, take that hard way, proof yourself against a vast and strong competition in Europe.
  11. damnit! you need someone to explain road racing to you! back to basics, 101.
  12. ZA may only take 3 cycling girls to the games' road race. It's not about functionaires taking up a money of a cyclist ehre. The above listed UCI rankings shouldn't be taken too serious, but not neglected easier. When the girls race in Europe it's usually all about helping Ashleigh to get the best possible result - which is what team racing is about. Only then comes the own position. If you get to do a few races where Ashleigh is not riding you can aim at your own results and points. And obviously when the team gets put together it will be done to have the best functioning team working for the strongest - Ashleigh. Such selection will always lead to discussions afterwards. A tough one I wouldn't wanna take. The decision is taken now however, so now support them girls. (And the hockey girls of course, if they are going?! :-D )
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