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  1. Just some info to pass on. General IQ of population and the world I think has dropped many may points in the last 18 months. It has happened over the sea and is bound to be some one here that will follow Criminalisation of transmission of SARS-CoV-2: A potential challenge to controlling the outbreak in South Africa A small portion of the article but still relevant. South Africa: Deliberate Or Reckless Transmission Of COVID-19 May Have Severe Legal Ramifications On Wednesday, 24 March 2020, it was reported that a salon owner from KwaZulu-Natal, Ladysmith, breached the rules of home-quarantine and went on with his business as usual at his salon and thus exposing his employees and customers at risk of contracting the virus. It was also reported that criminal charges (for attempted murder) were laid against him, but postponed due to the national lockdown of 21 days. In this example, any customer who visited this relevant salon and thereafter got sick and tested positive for COVID-19 may potentially have a delictual claim against him. The potential claimant will have to prove that the salon owner's wrongful conduct which was either intentional or negligent (fault) has caused harm. Although all these elements will need to be proven, the most likely challenge in succeeding with such a claim will be to prove the element of causation i.e. that the owner caused you to be infected with the virus. This is due to the fact that transmission of the coronavirus is very easy and, unlike most viruses, does not need the exchange of bodily fluids, blood contacts, etc. Albeit this being a probable challenge in such claims, the surrounding circumstances will dictate the outcome of each particular case. If for example, a potential claimant had recently tested for a COVID-19 and his results were negative, subsequently goes to this salon and thereafter falls sick and tests positive for the coronavirus and he proves that he has not been exposed to any of the high risk areas/individuals (abroad and locally). If all factors are considered holistically and, on the balance of preponderance, show that he probably contracted the virus at the said salon, the owner may actually be liable. The success or failure of the claim will, like in any other claim, be determined by the relevant prevailing circumstances.
  2. Actually now. it was on the second uphill so dont see the reason behind a group taking up the whole lane when they will be doing that climb. And again this weekend i was amazed at the utter lack of care, selfishness and stupidity. I had no choice as it was part of the 200km ride. Anyway. bonked twice over 300km this weekend so really no more f#cks to give.
  3. Then i have very very very dense bones but ttais a great article and use it in long distance but about 1 minute of cycling time saved per 100 km ridden for a 1 kg weight saving. use it dont use it. My Munga weight was 95. but the stress and covid has pushed that up. I got down to 102 but seems to get stuck there as i gain muscle and shed fat. Now hovering 105/109 depending on the day. I also did the R2TS and sub 6 hour so for me some weight loss would be great and I am trying but my diesel engine needs a big tank.
  4. Seriously. I am 194 and 105 ish kg depending on the size of my morning movement and have no more F#ks to give. Sux it up and get faster leaner meaner you will kill me on the uphil but downhill and into a head wind hahahahahahahahaha Bloody light weights
  5. Lol that there are some great routes that side with randmark and some great groups i am close enough to not need a pssport
  6. Simple test if you want to see. They might be better climbers and you might be a better time trile typre rider. at some pint the scarifice is made and peace is achieved. But if weight is such an issue. How many bottles do you run, camel back etc. Perhaps try and do a ride without them and see if you still get dropped. might be the cheaper way of finding out before selling your left nut for something that might add 0 benefit. My titan Cyper when loaded is around 15/18kg and i leave it at that all the time and do my climbs. some days i get dropped some days i dont. But does not bother me as on the long distance stuff i do better than they do and on the shorter stuff they kick my ass. Different strokes for different folks. If i really want to go do a segment to see how i shape up against them i strip my bike clean and then go and balls to the wall it and the difference is really not worth the money on making it lighter.
  7. Lol thanks not the first time and not the last time. But with the long distance on the gravel bike i must be honest. South No go. I prefer the roads out to harties, magalies potch etc and some are norrow but never had any issues. Trucks cars or taxis. they make space and you say thank you. even out randfontein side no issues. I have had less close calls on the outside of the cradle than on the inside. The road to Swartruggens is a bit sus and not a rant but observation. The (i wont mention names to not offend) group with a small support car also took up the whole road and there are no yellow lines or even a verge and them tar bits are narrow.
  8. "you manage the conditions you find there like everyone else does if they choose to. " Lol and here in lies the main issue. I travel in Africa and it is more true than most people realize.
  9. LOL thanks for making the title shorter who ever that was. Kudos added HAHAHAHAHA
  10. I guess you missed the part where is say others do it and that is the reason why i dont ride there but then again that day at that time it was them and i also dont appreciate them shouting at my wife when they are in the wrong. But as you say i can choose not to ride there same as your choose to comment and read this post. Many happy and safe miles to you. On a side note. we are becoming more complacent and no mater what it is, a stop street here. on our phones in the car there, here a big group, we are getting to a point where we all look the other way and scared to take abuse on public forum so we ignore it and start managing conditions. Seems similar to Eskom not heeding warnings and then starting to manage conditions and we are where we are today. so I guess we will keep managing it until it gets out of control and then look back and go, if only we all took a bit more care....
  11. I guess so, but how do they then have a support vehicle all branded and blame others. As i said I for one will stop buying from them and CWC and look elsewhere. But guess wont make a difference to them.
  12. Thanks I guess il have to start spending my money at other shops as i support CWC and cyclelab but my little protest wont make a dent but when i go there again will have a friendly chat and next time on the road i am sure we can do it in the correct manner. But it is there Support vehicle? MMMMmm Muskets at dawn and all....at 20paces. No support vehicles allowed....
  13. Agree muppets everywhere. Seems especially since covid people have just gotten progressively worse and seems the general contempt for other human beings have increase 10 fold
  14. We can agree to disagree. There was a gentlemen who was doing just that. had his bike up side down on the soft grass fixing his puncture. There was plenty of space. So thanks to him. If youa re gonna fix it on the road then as you say leave space but to many times i see 3 or 4 muppets standing there not helping and taking up space. but i wourld rather sit on the soft grass and fix mine that sit on the hard tar. but then again that's me.
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