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  1. Luckily I had a chain breaker and links so that was a minor, will definitely consider replacing both the chain and cassette but to be perfectly honest the chain breaking was more user error than equipment failure. The chain was definitely not sufficiently lubed and I shifted under a bit of strain and then immediately shifted back for some unknown reason (the mind boggles), chain got caught between cog and derailleur and snapped as I pedaled. As I said, user error. Regarding the punctures: I went through two tubes and two glueless patches, just one of those days I guess, the fifth one caught me without any more spares and by that time most of the riders had already passed me so I went for a bit of a walk . I actually caught up to two separate people while walking, gave the first one my USN gel seeing as how he was struggling and I was on a leisurely stroll and the second gave me one of his spare tubes. Managed to finish third from last
  2. 3:22 for the half! 1 Broken chain, 5 punctures and a 6km walk. Finally managed to bum a tube from some guy about 2km before the last waterpoint. Guess who's going tubeless...
  3. Saw a few Okapi's in this thread. My old man told me that there was a rumour way back when that the SA government had a plan to poison the blades because it was primarily used by the native population. Probably not true but for some reason I still won't touch one
  4. Have the Merrel Trail glove, it's important that they fit really tight around the foot and really loose arround the toes. Oh, and leave the socks at home! Absolutely love them!
  5. Google Fairsquare and phone Teodor, his number is on the site
  6. Scared of Neptune, but I know penguin quite well, it's part of my commute.
  7. Where do you live Barhugger? My office is in that screenshot!
  8. Had the juicy 3's and the front brake did exactly the same, after numerous bleeds, rebuilds and visits to the LBS I ditched them. Couldn't get it sorted. We did however figure out that the problem is on the lever side, seems some of the seals on that side popped or something. Replaced them, happened again two weeks later.
  9. Have the same one, got it for just under R3k from Cajees a while back. Very happy with it, I went for the platform one after losing my front wheel... don't ask, expensive lesson learnt. And by same one I mean the Thule Raceway or some such. Edit: Added last sentence.
  10. Sorry for the hijack but while we're on the topic: Could someone please explain the difference between integrated, semi integrated and a regular headset?
  11. Had my first commuting lesson today: Always carry at least two spare tubes. Left work a bit earlier today and did the long(er) route that goes over Klapperkop. Managed to find probably the only other tubed 26er in Gauteng next to the trail with a flat so gave him my spare tube. Had to walk the last approx 3km home...
  12. For some reason I lack basic foot-eye coordination resulting in many a pedal banging against a rock/branch/whatever. That being said my 520's have never let me down. Bombproof and easy to maintain, and if it gets caked with mud just clean it out with a bit of water and a twig and you're good to go. Those pedals will probably outlast my feet at the rate I'm going.
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