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  1. Put your tinfoil hat back on, my bet is that our 'friends' at CSA are reading your constant queries wrt licensing and are now on the prowl ๐Ÿ˜‰ What i am trying to say - its all your fault! ๐Ÿ˜œ
  2. Lekker Lekker Lekker!! If everything goes to plan i will be at the WC in France Almost ten years later than the first one i saw live in PMB! Have such fond memories with the late Barry M
  3. Thanks Sias, i made the call. Going to put on a 34. I reckon i hardly use the 50, so with the 34T in the front it should be good enough for Katbakkies. Dit en ek is gelukkig nie bang vir stap opdraend nie ๐Ÿ˜œ
  4. Lets chat gearing .... I'm running SRAM 32 - 10/50 12sp Do you think for this ride it will be beneficial to change to a 34?
  5. He's looking strong just watching the dots. Lekker fight for that 3rd place heating up at the moment!!
  6. Hi @ChrisF! Thanks so much for the company and the 'race' ???? I semi forgot about Bikehub, have some good memories of this place when it was still theHubSA, the colonel was still in charge, @Ronelle still took pics, @hagar were the president of the west coast, @ShortLegs @Willehond @PokerFace etc were still RSA citizens. Oh i can carry on with an endless list. How times and things have changed. But 13years and 10months later "not so baby anymore" Yara went on her 2nd road ride, 1st time out in cleats and clipless pedals. We went to Bootleggers in Stellies for compulsary Banana bread and coffee. I finished on 68.3km and she went around the block to complete her 70km! Very proud dad indeed!
  7. Not sure how substitutions work, but i have an entry for someone if they were looking for one
  8. Oh man! I am green with envy!!!! GRREEEENNNNNN Keep us up to date with the restoration please As a matter of interest, where did you found this beauty??
  9. I have Wim Omloop's kit! And also use the top in the winter months!
  10. BMCfan

    The Munga 2020

    Now looks like his tracker isnโ€™t updating. Hoping everything is ok. If one thing the Munga can do, Is they can draw straws for next year and a) sort out tracking devices or b) sort out social media updates ????
  11. BMCfan

    The Munga 2020

    This years legend award has to go to HV! Currently in 10th after that crash and walk on day1
  12. BMCfan

    The Munga 2020

    Sam flew past Chris and Michael. Wow ????
  13. BMCfan

    The Munga 2020

    In true Munga fashion. Hansieโ€™s tracker is not updating Hahaaaaa
  14. BMCfan

    The Munga 2020

    Hansie is motoring. Seems like he obvioulsy have a braai in Paarl tonight that he cant miss!!! Coming up to that dreaded climb towards that cherry farm place. Man, i hate that climb.
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