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  1. Lost my Giro long fingered gloves at Nissan Trailseeker Cullinan
  2. anybody wanting to be released from the half marathon or the marathon ? Looking for entry for each . inbox me please
  3. A friend of mine knows Richard Holland from school, he has had a terrible cycling accident and is in a coma in Dubai. His family has set up a trust to raise money for his medical expenses. I thought that maybe , if possible, there are some people/companies out there, that may be prepared to assist or donate. Read his story at the link below http://backonyourbike.com/
  4. Sorry to hear about the accident. My wife had two nasty falls (Both were Hospital trips , scans , xrays etc etc) ( Let it be known that neither of the accidents were her fault) Let your wife heal, and give her TLC. an accident is an emotional thing , and facial injuries makes it even worse, for the fairer sex. Support and listen this is what she needs from you right now. But you need to still keep training (plants a seed for her) Not you , but somebody close to your "network" needs to raise the subject of riding again , ( After she feels better) once the subject is discussed, let her decide when although a little cencouragement from your side is beneficial (Do not force it), but ensure that you are supportive all the way. Some rides on your own (The two of you) will also help for her to regain the confidence. Good luck
  5. They are the best training/riding tyre's BUT GP4000S is the best racing tyre. I know Conti is bringing out a new racing tyre but not sure when. Grand Prix 24mm I have some lying in the garage...... Will give feedback when I start using them.........also has black chilli compound so it should last. The Force and attack now also comes out with the 24mm tyre at the back..... You want What on your backside?
  6. I did not get Any sauce, but maybe I am better off for not getting the Sauce, Have you seen the best before dates???? not good , getting expired stuff.
  7. I am still stuck on the Topless St Tropez part.
  8. When somebody does that, it's called glass cranking, they just roll through but slow the pace down and "disrupt" the chase. Next time jump on the attacks and let the silly buggers stay at home. hahahaha
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