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  1. I've just ordered the durolux boost 29er fork. Will let you know how it goes
  2. The map is wrong. There is dh2, dh1, dh0 and another one above. The gravel roads are drawn in incorrectly
  3. So for us poor non members, where and when will you guys be letting us know the future plans? And can we please have another build day to finish what we started....
  4. Was gonna post stuff. Just dont care now
  5. The first e bike world champs is in 2 weeks time. Keen to see the track that they have built. I'm thinking dh track in reverse
  6. 7pm at tokai library. I too am not a member as far as I can remember but I have been involved in a fair few build days etc. So I want to come and hear what is going to be said. Even if I cant vote on anything. I understand the whole membership thing but I was caught a bit off guard when I saw that the meeting was for paid members only. If I had a spare 300 bucks I would join but payday is only next week
  7. True. No one ever built a trail with a keyboard
  8. Where has the tokai forum gone? Was there this morning. Did the agm fight get out of hand....
  9. I'm bringing popcorn to the AGM. Although I'm not sure if I ever joined tokaimtb actually. Can't remember now....
  10. I have resprayed several of my bikes over the years. Steel is the easiest to do as the paint adheres better than to ally. Strip back to bare metal with paint stripper and scrapers. This is the hardest part. Then wash it thoroughly otherwise bits of paint stripper left in cable guides etc will cause issues. Sand the whole frame smooth with water paper. Wipe down with acetone rag then primer. 1 spray can will do a hardtail frame. Let it dry for 24 hours then a can of colour. Then after 24 hours either gloss clear coat or more colour. That's the fun bit, masking up and doing designs/ patterns etc. But if you are just doing 1 colour then 1 can primer, 2 cans colour, 1 can clear coat and the paint stripper/ sand paper etc should cost 400 to 500 bucks. And remember, the quality of the finish totally depends on the care you put in to the prep work
  11. I guess everyone's spots are secrets....
  12. 11 speed xt rear derailleur, nx shifter and sun race 11_46 cassette. No issues at all and plenty of gear range
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