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  1. So they weren't even sure if the event was going to take place, but they eagerly accepted entry fees. What if they did not get the go ahead. Would they have refunded everyone, or hide behind some clause in their rules? Demand a full refund if that's what you want.
  2. That's what made this race unique, pmb start to Dbn finish. That's why riders fork out a rough R550 to ride a route which is usually off limits. Leaving the news about the route change until AFTER the entries close, was strategic. Less riders than entries, more 'keep money', less expenses without adjusting the entry fee. Bunch of skelms.
  3. 2 Dutch riders sat in front in the peloton when Anna broke away. Don't say they didn't take notice. It's like the commentator said: did riders forget how to think for themselves.
  4. My 2c. It's a leisure item, so don't expect prime, but fight for the best interest rate. Check that it is an installment sale without a residual. Wesbank now finance gear too. Insurance is probably a requirement. Shop around.
  5. Will be 14/15th one this year . But my aim is to get to the SPCA booth at the expo early enough to get a S riding shirt. They never have enough stock and I am left staring at XXL sizes. Every time I see someone riding with the dog/cat shirt I want to push him off his bike...
  6. Green, blue, red, it doesn't make me faster. Rather a sliding scale for discount on entry fees. The more you have completed, the more your discount will be.
  7. Not a cool reply. Some parents take their kids out on the 10km ride. These kids are NOT on 29ers nor duals. The grass sections suck them in and make it very difficult to ride. They end up pushing their bikes most of the time. Fit enough to ride the 10km, not walk it.
  8. A bike rider in a dedicated biker lane accidently slamming into an illegally parked car is hardly an illegal activity. His insurance won't pay him out for damage to his car because he was parked illegally and should not have been there in the 1st place. You will have a claim against him for equipment damage as well as personal injury. In theory that is. Our courts are a mess and people aren't scared of lawyers anymore either.
  9. Is it true CSA did not pay over the fees to UCI for some license ladies, making them ineligible to ride in the license group? Big scurry to fix it before the event?
  10. CSA should hang their heads in shame. Pathetic to say the least. We all contribute to funding each time we entet a race. WHERE IS THE MONEY?
  11. Don't you have a local II tracking number yet?
  12. Perhaps we can tip off Carte Blanche so they can do an expose' on Sport Governing bodies who defraud their members. They can incorporate it with Cheeky Watson's EP rugby scandal. Nothing like Devi Govender in your face to get the truth. Some years ago MSA was in shambles and riders took out alternative licenses and insurance which were endorsed by event organisers who were also gatvol of Motorsport's bull. They got their house in order real quick.
  13. I would phone a credible attorneys office, explain to them the scenario and tell them they can have 50% , even 100%, of whatever they manage to get from CSA. CSA 's cage needs to be rattled. We are all paying customers but they bargain on their 'untouchable' status. Doesn't the CPA come in to play?
  14. Read wives, girlfriends, daughters nieces, sisters, moms. PMS much? Goodness me????
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