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  1. I searched but could not find anything... Is there a Bikes of the Epic Thread yet?
  2. Glad everything went well with the operation. Good luck with the recovery! Please just take it easy and listen to the Drs and Physios. Walking really helped me a lot too. I am on 4 months now since my operation and feeling great! Taking it slow but getting back to full strength and everything. Aiming for easy Cape Town Cycle Tour on my mountie.
  3. ???? I shouldn't be laughing but ouch! Good luck. Hope you get help soon!
  4. I am not a doctor but the L5/S1 pain I had in my leg before the surgery was spot on with this chart even down to my little toe where S1 ends...
  5. I had a laminectomy on disk at L5/S1 in 2019 after many years of proper abuse and a serious stupid CrossFit accident. Everything was great after the surgery but I really abused my back again and everything went bad so quickly and I had a L5/S1 fusion on the 10th of September this year and so far everything is going great. What needed to be fixed back in 2019 is now finally fixed. Quick recap as to why I got the surgery: It happened so quickly. I had a great 27K training trailrun in the mountains the Saturday and felt great. The Sunday i played touch rugby and felt great. No issues or anything. Monday morning I woke up with extreme pain down my whole left leg. (Sciatica). No back pain but the pain down my leg was unbearable. Pain just got worse and I was stuck in the same position unable to move for 7 hours. Emergency trip to hospital and after MANY MANY drugs ???? I was able to lie down and they took an MRI and my disk almost completely popped out and was pressing on my nerve. The Drs believe that the laminectomy in 2019 never worked/healed and the disk just leaked out more and more until it almost exploded. Luckily I have many close friends and family in the medical field and after 10 different opinions I made peace with my decision and had the surgery! The surgeons were great and we they answered all my thousands of questions. My two biggest concerns was not being able to train again and having more surgery down the line. I was told that I will be able to ride both my road and MTB again as much as I like and i will be able to play with my kids again and play touch rugby but was advised not to run more than 10Ks on the road. I only trailrun so it is not that big of a deal. The Drs precise words were: "You can still run 50K trailruns and marathons a year from now but then I will most likely see you again in 15 -20 years or do shorter runs and cycle and Mountie and then I will never see you again." I am feeling great at the moment but I am really good this time and only doing what I am suppose to. The first 3months are critical. I can walk as much as I like and regularly do all my stretches' and stuff. I had my 6 weeks follow up a week ago and Dr was so happy and X-rays and everything looks great. I can start on my indoor trainer now and do more strenuous walks/hikes. I can start light easy MTB and road riding in DEC. Also he said that I will be able to start easy trailruns (10ks) in March. @johnson: Good luck with everything....
  6. I would go for this: https://www.trekbikes.com/za/en_ZA/bikes/mountain-bikes/cross-country-mountain-bikes/top-fuel/top-fuel-7-sx/p/32984/?colorCode=orange_black
  7. During the original initual 21 day lockdown I had a goal for each day. These were goal no1 and no16:
  8. I have done a few K2Cs with little to no training as well as Double Centuries and I managed to finish those comfortably but this was proper hard. I was cooked after 30Kms and the next 33 was pure suffering.There are no free Kms. Not your average MTB race. Really technical, tough and the heat did not help but WOW... What an awesome race. Route is amazing. Water-points are awesome and this is proper mountain biking. Amazing single-track! I will definitely be back next year but with A LOT more training!
  9. Thanks for all the feedback Guys! BIKESHOP sorted me out! They gave me a big discount on HOPE Tech Enduro Pro 4 wheelset. Everything is perfect now! Just had my first ride! I am still smiling!
  10. The BikeShop had the MAVIC wheels in stock and on special. They said it would be compatible with my SPAZ frame.
  11. Ok... Got some feedback from the BikeShop. The rims are 148mm boost hubs. So, they will not work on my bike. I will have to go with a different wheel-set now! Thanks anyway for the feedback!
  12. Thanks for the feedback guys. I am also leaning towards a spacer issue. From what I have read the Mavics should come standard with a bunch of adapters and spacers. I really hope it is a simple easy fix..
  13. Hi Guys I have a 2015 Specialized Stumpjumer Carbon Hardtail 29er and I had to replace my wheels. INFO ON FRAME and REAR AXLE: FACT 9m carbon, 29"" geometry, FACT IS construction, tapered headtube, carbon PF30 BB, full internal shift/brake routing, 142mm dropouts, PM 160 rear brake, replaceable alloy rear derailleur hanger.REAR HUB was Specialized Hi Lo disc, 4 sealed cartridge bearings, 12mm thru-axle, 32h.New Roval 29 rims w/ Hi Lo hubs, 142+ rear hub spacing and 12mm axle for confident controlI decided to go with MAVIC Crossrides and at the same time upgraded to 1x12 SRAM NX groupset I asked before I bought everything if everything would be compatible on my bike and I was assured that it would be. The LBS now informed me that it seems like the rear thru axle is now too short or rather doesn't grip/tighten enough. Can someone please explain how this would be possible or what am I not understanding. I have only received great service from the Bike shop so I am not posting this to roast the shop or anything I really just want to understand the technical aspect of what is wrong and if there is a solution or if I should be worried. Thanks
  14. http://drylandtraverse.co.za/ Who else is doing this one? This will be my first multi-day Trail-running event/ Super excited. Any tips and suggestions?
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