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  1. Sony Playstation and Gran Turismo......... my addiction that started in 1999 (because I'm a petrol head ) Here's my PS and GT collection on display in my study at home. Besides the units on display I have 3 additional consoles in use . In my man cave I have a 4 Pro for GT Sport and 7 as well as a 3 Slim for GT 5 and 6 that I still play regularly. In my office at work I have a 4 Slim that gets used once in a while for GT Sport and 7. I'm holding out on buying a PS5 to see if they are going to release a Slim or Pro version. That has been the trend over the years so I'm pretty sure it will happen sometime.
  2. Hi everybody. I'm looking for some PS3 and PS4 games. Driving games in particular and to be more specific, these one's........ Need For Speed - Most Wanted (PS3) Need For Speed ??? (PS4) If anybody has something they want to sell please let me know. Thanks. EDIT.....Found the GT's
  3. Ok, so a lot has happened in the last 5...almost 6 weeks. My appointment with the neurosurgeon was on 8 December so lets rewind to that day. When I got the hospital the first thing was going for the MRI. Did that and went back to the doc. I Started explaining my situation and problems in detail since everything started around six months ago. He said that some of the things I am saying does not sound good and he thinks there is more going on than meets the eye and sent me to see a neurologist to do some tests on my right leg's muscles and nerves. Did that and went back to the doc. Without looking at any results he started examining me. He immediately diagnosed two big problems. First was that my entire right leg was smaller/skinnier/thinner than the left side due to muscles not functioning properly. The second was that my right knee and ankle had no reflex when testing it with the rubber hammer thingie due to nerves not functioning at all. He then had a look at the report from the neurologist which confirmed the nerve and muscle problem. When looking at the MRI images it was clearly visible that a herniated disk at L5-S1 level of my spine was completely pinching/obstructing my right nerve canal shut. At that stage I could barely walk, had almost no sleep for weeks and was popping pain medication like a drug addict. Remember this was Wednesday 8 December. I Asked him when was the soonest I could get the operation. He said the problem was that Friday 10 December is their last theatre day for the year but my situation is an emergency and they will make it happen on Friday. The operation was done that Friday 15:00 the afternoon. From recovery I went to high care where I remained until Monday afternoon when I was transferred to the normal ward. I Spent the rest of the week there and was discharged on Saturday 18 December. In the high care you get a regular dose of proper pain meds so I didn't experience any pain. I Was measured before the operation for a back brace to be made. That Saturday morning (11 Dec) the physiotherapist came to see me. She helped to fit the back brace and helped me out of the bed. I Started walking literately 16 hours after the operation. Walking with the physio helping and guiding obviously and short distances around the high care ward only. By the time I got to the normal ward on Monday I could get up out of bed, walk around and get back into bed on my own . In the normal ward I was offered pain meds four times a day (every six hours). I Only took the pain meds at night witch also helped to sleep a bit better. I Got home on 18 December and up to now where I'm standing writing this I have had zero pain and haven't needed to take any form of pain meds. Nothing, not even as much as a Panado. I'm wearing the back brace 99% of the day, sleeping with it as well. The only time I remove it is the 20 min it takes me to shower and get dressed in the morning. I Am only allowed to stand, walk or lie down. No sitting, only on the pony and keeping it as short as possible. I Started walking for some exercise as soon as I got home. The physio said that walking is ok and it won't do any harm as long as there is no discomfort or pain. I Started doing 1-2km walks and steadily extended it. At the moment I comfortably take 5-6km walks 3 to 4 times a week. Since the day of my operation I have lost 8kg. Lastly, this is what was done in the operation and I will also attach pics of the after x-ray. The herniated disk was removed. Synthetic spacers were then placed between the two vertebrae. The two vertebrae was then fused using four screws and two rods that is made from titanium. Bone was then harvested from my right hip and transplanted around the screws and rods. At some stage the neve canal and nerves was checked for any permanent damage which luckily was not the case. At The moment everything is going very well and I'm seeing the doc for the first follow up on 26 January. The operation was done at Pretoria East hospital. The neurosurgeon is Dr. Pieter Slabbert and the spinal orthopedic surgeon is Dr. Johan Nell. These are outstanding docks and I would recommend them to anybody who has a similar problem. The total cost of the operation was R223k.
  4. This image is spot on ! Even my right nut is aching !
  5. That's what I suspect from researching my symptoms. MRI will be done when seeing the specialist.
  6. I Didn't know it existed until I experienced it. Your statement is very true. It's definitely no joke !
  7. Thanks for all the feedback. It is interesting to hear other peoples experiences and advice. So this is my story....... I Turned 40 this year. I Have been working in the motor engineering industry from age 16. I Have done a lot of stupid stuff over the years. I Have had a lot of injuries over the years. I Also had a couple of back injuries but recovered reasonable well from them. Lets put it this way, my mind still tells me I am 25 but my body disagrees. I Don't think I'm over weight but I do think losing 5 or 6 kg's would be a good thing. Sometime in August I got up the Saturday morning and went for a 80-somthing km ride, got home and spent the rest of the day as usual. Got up the Sunday morning and went for a 50-somthing km ride, all good. My sister visited me to collect some pot plants I gave her. Three of them was too big for one person to handle but the two of us managed to load them onto a trailer with not too much effort. I Then had a couple of beers while watching Max win the F1 at Spa. Went to bed that night as usual with nothing wrong. In the early hours of Monday morning I woke up with an un imaginable amount of pain. My lower back hurt like hell but it was nothing compared to the pain I had in my right hip and leg. Since then the pain in my lower back has improved a little. The pain in my hip and leg is getting worst by the day. I Don't know how to explain it but my hip and upper leg (above knee) has a lot of pain, but what is funny is that when I touch the area it feels numb. My knee, calf and foot has a tingling needles and pins feeling with much less pain. I've seen my GP and he sent me for x rays. He told my that he is no expert in that field but from what he can see and from the radiologist report there is a problem at the L5-S1 level. He gave me a referral to a neurosurgeon where I have made an appointment and am waiting to see him. I Have done some research and found a lot of info on my symptoms. The severe hip and leg pain seems to be a result of pinched or damaged nerves caused by spine injury that is affecting the sciatica nerve in the leg. I'm not a wannabe doctor but that is pretty spot on my symptoms. I'm using a scary amount of pain medication and hoping for a cancellation to see specialist earlier than my 8 December appointment.
  8. There is a possibility of this procedure happening in my not to distant future. Who has had this done and how is life afterwards ?
  9. I'm not a frequent flyer but I've also seen them in pretty much all the cockpits I have checked out.
  10. luckily not but the seat covers do look a little dodgy. We flew both fights with the same plane. I Checked out the planes history while waiting at OR Tambo. Its a Boeing 737-800 registration number ZS-ZWE. Its first flight was in 2015.
  11. We flew down to Cape Town last week with Kulula. On both flights the pilots and cabin crew was really friendly and helpful. It was my daughters first time flying and they even let me take some pictures in the cockpit.
  12. johnson


    My 1301 Competition has fired roughly 800 rounds without a single issue. It's an awesome shotgun and worth every ZAR I paid for it !
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