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  1. hmm - I wonder if this is old news. Juta just sent me this so I assumed it was fresh but if I look at the dates its from June last year.
  2. Final Edition Judgments Corporate and Commercial Law :: Anti-competitive conduct Competition Commission v Pedaling Dynamics CC t/a Dunkeld Cycles [2014] JOL 31243 (CT) Case Number: 73 / CR / Jul12 Judgment Date: 30 / 05 / 2013 Country: South Africa Jurisdiction: Competition Tribunal Division: Bench: N Manoim PM, M Mokuena TM, I Valodia TM Keywords: Competition law – Anti-competitive conduct – Price-fixing Mini Summary: In 2008, the Competition Commission received information from an anonymous source about meetings which allegedly took place in Cape Town and Gauteng between various cycling retailers and wholesalers. The commission was also provided with minutes of one such meeting. As a result, the commission initiated a complaint in terms of section 49B of the Competition Act 89 of 1998. Following its investigation, it concluded that the conduct by the respondent, together with other parties, constituted a contravention of section 4(1)(b)(i) of the act, in that they agreed, alternatively engaged in a concerted practice to directly or indirectly fix prices or other trading conditions. Held that in the present consent agreement submitted to the tribunal for confirmation, the respondent admitted that it had contravened section 4(1)(b)(i). It agreed to fully co-operate with the commission in relation to the prosecution of any other respondents who were the subject of its investigations and referral to the tribunal, and to provide whatever evidence it had in its possession. It also agreed to in future refrain from participating in meetings aimed at engaging in a cartel conduct which may lead to a possible contravention of section 4(1)(b). Finally, it undertook to send its management and directors on a competition law compliance training programme. The agreement, upon confirmation as an order by the tribunal, was entered into in full and final settlement and concluded all proceedings between the commission and the respondent relating to any alleged contravention by the respondents of the act that was the subject of the commission’s investigation. The agreement was confirmed.
  3. Lodolouw - read Gandalf's post - these guys will pull guns if you get aggressive. Hand over to the police.
  4. It is not so hard. A in maths - giant head Maths on standard grade - medium head You ride a mountain bike down a hill so fast you need a face helmet - small head.
  5. Buy a hardtail with an oil fork. Mine worked fine for years. Didn't even know you needed to service it. I then bought a fancy dual sus with air suspension and then the money started to roll out a bit. Edit: Openmind beat me to it. I thought of it first, but I am slower at typing.
  6. It hard to get really lost at Van Galens due to the mountains on both sides and a road and river down the middle. Unless a sign falls down it is fairly well signposted. There are always a bunch of people there on a Saturday who will oblige you if you are really paranoid.
  7. http://www.timeslive.co.za/motoring/2013/08/29/full-pedal-jacket My responses: 1. I paid R400 for my cycling shoes. CRC discounted them 65% because nobody wanted gold shoes. How much are those Air Jordans Vuyi? 2. A minority - maybe 1%. If the pedestrian gets a fright and you hit them that can be a couple weeks in hospital for you. If the Guvamint actually gave something back to the taxpayer and build some cycle paths separate from the road and pedestrian path (like the rest of the 1st world do) then maybe this would be less of an issue. 3. People with cars: Not one obeys every law when they drive. Stop streets, speeding, 1.5 meters - whatever. Only a minority of cyclists do this. There is a huge difference between cyclist who jumps a red robot without looking and those who jump when it is checked clear. The one is a death wish, the other is equivalent to crossing the road. 4. Pleeeeeeese. Cyclists without helmets are not recreational cyclists. They are generally commuters. I don't think I have ever seen a serious sports cyclist without a helmet. Besides - when hit by a car helmets disintegrate into nothing and you have more chance of avoiding an accident without a helmet according to some. 5. Sure - like people in cars don't pump up the stereo. Anyways - why do you hoot at cyclists? 6. Yay - a funny. So cyclists are feminine because of lycra. Original joke there buddy. How about you come for a ride with us before we decide who is macho and who is slightly feminine?
  8. Riding the full Van Galens route kinda feels like watching Lord of the Rings trilogy- only there is much fewer midgets running around.
  9. No. You can use any brand. 9 speed chains go on 9 speed kit so don't mix that. Shimano and SRAM are great chains. Keep them clean and lubes, and own a chain wear indicator.
  10. There is only four sitting against a mirror. You can see the photographer at the end of the tunnel.
  11. Actually Drongo, it kinda feels like the safest spot to cycle in JHB at the moment.
  12. My R800 First Ascent Bib nearly caused me to quit cycling. Assos is heaven.
  13. XCO is big in Europe. My guess is that they have a lack of space to do marathon. Also, when I cycled 400km across Germany I saw very little variation in terrain. There was little to no anything 'technical' compared to riding around Joburg. And you can cram in the spectators. It a whole different sport.
  14. Instead of just spamming advertising. Maybe just tell us about the product in plain english. e.g. "We are the site sponsors and would like to tell about a pair of shoes we stock. These are triathlon shoes for those who want the best. Carbon, weight, replaceable heels, blah, blah, blah." with a small picture.
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