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  1. did that dude drill holes in his lamborghini to mount the bike rack!!!!aaaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!
  2. i think your dog needs help!!gave my wife and i a good chuckle
  3. those are really awesome pics of durbs!i really like them.good work
  4. do you think that is a tubeless tyre?
  5. its his own personal balcony for his eyes!
  6. damn straight.how can it be a 'two year ban'if he has been riding for eighteen of those months?doesnt make sense
  7. man tha 'berg is a damn special place
  8. its no wonder that motorists get he sh1ts with cyclists with behaviour like that
  9. there can never be too much single track.thats like complaining that you're having too much sex!
  10. jeepers,but that is a damn fine looking bike.hope you have many happy hours/kilometers on it
  11. ive got a thule euroway three bike carrier that has an extra attachment for a fourth bike.retails for about ten grand.
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