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    Ciao ciao

    Yip. Although I understand where Matt's coming from, the Hub was my first venture onto social media where I could interact with unknown people with whom I shared a common interest. But make no mistake, just because we all ride a bicycle, doesn't make us like-minded! A few names in particular stand out for me: Tinkerbell (RIP) Tumbles (RIP) Dangle Grumpy Old Guy Wayne Potgieter 'Dale TNT Eldron Guy in Pink Stringbean River Rat Conti (weird!) I'll miss the Chit Chat lots, but will still be lurking in the background.
  2. Conties and Hillcrest were just perfect!
  3. I've got some contacts at DMRE who will secretly share this information for a small fee ... 🤐
  4. Hence Eskom's new proposed availability charge - to be paid by everyone connected to the grid.
  5. It's what I'm doing already, except I hate the (relatively inconvenient) hassle of moving my notebook around after working late in my home office to where my bike and monitor are set up. And visa versa in the morning. I'd far rather be using my Samsung S8, which I couldn't Chrome Cast, and so am enquiring whether any cables can be used to link my device to the monitor.
  6. Repost. Any pearls of wisdom would be much appreciated. Google has been inconclusive until now.
  7. For the IT challenged as myself, is there a way which I can display Zwift from my Android device to a dummy monitor, and in a way which allows my device to keep charging as I use it during a virtual ride? I'm sick and tired of having to set up (and disconnect) my Notebook each time, and wireless options like Google Chromecast don't seem to work on my device. Please help!!
  8. Please tell me how you get your bike to stand in thin air???
  9. https://www.gearchange.co.za/our-bike-fit-studio/ David George at Gear Change also very good.
  10. It's something I'm trying to research on the web, which within itself can be a minefield of misinformation. All I know is, is that the tiredness is very real, and attitude will be important to overcome it. Whilst real, patients can either see themselves as victims or conquerors.
  11. Started showing mild symptoms on 15 December, and was man down from 21 December. Had a dry cough (like exercise induced asthma), fever, body aches, head aches and extreme tiredness. Felt much better since 4 January. Been on the e-bike a few times on flat rides, with nothing that exceeds an average ride of 70% of max HR. Still have days where I'm exhausted (like today) and don't have any energy. I'll start some more strenuous exercise in a fortnight. It's nothing I've been told or read, just me listening to my body and taking it easy.
  12. Earlier someone said the Off-Topic section is where like-minded people, i.e. cyclists, can engage in some informative and sometimes robust debate. My point is that just because we're cyclists, doesn't make us like-minded at all. We merely share a common interest. Just try starting a thread on stopping at red traffic lights, and you'll get my point.
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