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  1. any recommendations on tyre pressure on a dual sus?
  2. When in Germiston, do like the Wheelers
  3. Had a blast in B ! Thanks to the Germiston Wheelers, controlled the bunch well and they were super strong today !!
  4. Was a nice day out, first mtb race since the sani in 2017 so it was nice to back out there. Missed a turn towards the end after the drag next to R59 with a few guys, we went back past the last water point and joined at the 40km split, seems a few guys did that . Distance seems a bit further but not by much.
  5. Guess a lot depends on the frame in question.....
  6. first race in ages, going to be a nice long training ride from home, going to be nice and fresh !
  7. bikes dont have plates ha ha , some of the speedster clock over 100km/h with ease down there
  8. ha ha ha seems i have found it again...... thats a 2011 post, blerrie hell how did you find that...... pre-garmin days for me lol, my first months of riding
  9. Anyone heard back from Racetec on the R4V queries? I'm still waiting for them to change/update my start group
  10. I was one of the Germiston Wheelers crew in AL, no not the really fast one in front unfortunately I was one battling terribly up Walkerville, fortunately got a heads up by a few club member that a group was approaching, joined up with them and we were ay for away... we tango'd with the elite ladies. Cherise loved the shorts the guy next to me was wearing, they were very let's pink . Good day out, didn't see any crash which to me makes it a good day out. I got to ride with some friends again which is always nice. A there and back home ride helped crank the training whip... needed a long Sufferfest
  11. Wind is blowing out south this morning
  12. Will be interesting to put a name to the nicks
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