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  1. dracs

    947 Ride Joburg

    Anyone had success getting into the expo with just the email no QR code? I am loathe to go all the way out there and then not be allowed in…
  2. Ja I was also surprised at the apparently small weight difference considering carbon wheelset and the 1 step up on compenents.
  3. Cheers yes I saw that - but at full price vs negotiating a discount at a bike shop .... Will throw that into the discussion though
  4. Hey man I get that - the post was an attempt to get the head to rule over the heart!
  5. So I am about to give in to a year-long desire for a scalpel lefty... I am looking for input / thoughts on whether it is really worth the +R15k to go for the Carbon 3 vs the Carbon 4. Specs below, but as I see it the main differences are the wheelset, XO Eagle vs GX Eagle... and the rear shocks What say the hub experts?
  6. dracs

    Formula 1...

    has he driven it yet? (Edit - never mind google was my friend) https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2017/may/03/fernando-alonso-learns-some-crucial-lessons-in-rookie-indy-test
  7. how far is Robben Island?
  8. Anyone had issues with activities after 10pm not registering (garmin)? (Or perhaps I am the only person doing such things...) I see in their "known bugs" list they mention sometimes these reflect next day - but in my case 3 times they have just not registered... Discovery have credited after sending screenshots but its a pain to have to keep having to go through the PT to get my points... Wouldn't bother for a smoothie but now I need to cover the wife's apple watch and my get my shoe booster cash back. I have been captured!
  9. dracs

    Formula 1...

    Remember Braun? A few spacers and Bob's your uncle - they got it sorted in a couple of weeks I agree the excuses are valid, but fact is they were only 1 year behind the other manufacturers in what was a completely new formula for everyone, and the excuse cannot fly indefinitely. If they are not on the pace by the third or fourth race of this season, McLaren will have no choice but to look to a plan B as soon as they can get out of their Honda contract. Thing is, I cannot see why Merc would want to supply them with an engine and potentially go back to the days where their customer routinely beats them...
  10. dracs

    Formula 1...

    guys like max and Hamilton manage it... I like the new cars - the wider tyres and lower rear wing make them look far more like F1 cars should look. Just a pity about the shark fins / aka advertising billboards.
  11. So pretty well as in you would expect the Giant to be about the same or more? or less?
  12. How does the 12.87kg (medium) listed for the Momsen stack up against the Anthem for eg? (Giant don't list weights...)
  13. So 25km out of 92? Not really worth lowering tyre pressure for that?
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