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  1. rather "when was the hub NOT the centre of the cycling universe?"
  2. I am going to do this, after Knysna duathlon.......
  3. Witkop

    Knysna Cycle Tour

    I was going to do the big 5 until my wife thought up a "better" plan. Now I am limited to the duathlon on thursday, but I get to do a 10km trail run and Grahamstown to sea on the week end.....
  4. Ammonia based sealant does that to maxi tyres. GEAX so far have been bomb proof. My front tyre is practically aging off the rim and still has thread after 5 years of abuse.
  5. I find the sailfish http://www.sailfish.com/ a good tri suit for duathlon, probably good to triathlon too. ORCA is another popular brand. The padding in both is non absorbent. Consider changing to a tri specific saddle if you feel that the padding is not enough. Remember running with full cycling padding is a mission for more than a km or two. It is all about compromise
  6. Such articles of clothing hanging on a unbuilt bike should be burnt. I am all for woman's liberation............
  7. If the bra is on the bike then a photo of her would be MANditory
  8. To much information. It is hard to keep abreast of the affairs of the hub. Almost as bad as an episode of Game of Thrones. At least Gongmech now has a dragon
  9. I suppose on a mtb there is the option of standing to get stop leverage where needed........
  10. I did a bit of reading on this when I worried about the smallest technical detail. THe first premise is that the knee loses power if it bends more than 90%. THerefore, the knee should be bent at about 80% at the top of the downward power stroke. (which is about at 2Oclock on the cycle.) Any more bend in the knee will put a lot of pressure on the knee and may result in over use injuries if you consistently push heavy gears. Secondly the longer your crank the lower your saddle will have to be in order to have a 0-2% bend in the knee at the bottom of the stroke. Which in turn will result in a greater knee angle at the top of the stroke. Thus each 1mm change in crank will have a 2mm effect on the top of the stroke. Thus leg length is more important than height. (Some people have short legs and long torso's). Of the leg the upper leg is the most active during pedaling, where the lower leg effectively just joins the knee to the ankle. Foot size may also play an influence if you have a dynamic foot (flexible ankle) ehen pedalling). THUS, the best indcator to crank length would be the length upper leg (Femur?!). A guide would be about half the length of this bone, give or take 2mm to take foot size and ankle dynamics into consideration.
  11. Oscar, LA and Tiger agree with you and like your post
  12. chose a small sport, but unfortunately they don't give national colours to age groupers any more. Something about National Olympic commitee wanting to keep the elite athletes happy.
  13. three things are required but only two are really needed: talent (genetics) training (determination) opportunity (luck) As Spassky loved saying Korchnoi was the hardest working most dedicated chess player ever, but had no talent, so he always just lost the world championships to Spassky, Fischer, Karpov and Kasparov. Never ever under estimate the importance of opportunity. Some have got to world championships simply because of this. Opportunity is being there on race day when the competition is not, it is having the parent which buys the better equipment, it is being given a place on a team for political reasons, ext. Never ever waste an opportunity to prove that you have either talent or training (determination). On talent read the book "the talent code" and "outliers". Often talent is the result of hard work, which was made to feel like fun, after all its not work if you enjoy it.
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