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  1. I was in Cape town for the holidays, shopping around for an s works shoe, popped into revolution cycles, Olympic cycles and competitive cyclist hout bay. Good service from all 3, but I must mention that competitive cyclist were absolutely great, called me back as promised and were super friendly. ps, im also a person of colour
  2. From the cycletour website; "To determine your seeding, we use your best result in Cycle Tour seeding events or the average of your best 3 other results if that is better". Im not sure if im missing something, (unless they mean other results to be non-seeded events), but how can an average of your best 3 results be better than your best result?
  3. winning time for group G was 2:30:46
  4. Hi all Im looking to purchase specialized road shoes, where in KZN or Jozi can I get a good deal on a pair? thanks in advance
  5. Seems that even if you have good intentions you must have thick skin(flame suite) to post on this forum. Trolls will be trolls, and haters will be haters. I applaud the op for taking the initiative to locate the e-bike rider... I hope you find him
  6. Good Luck with your new venture
  7. @bmw1 .... Only 1255 riders completed the 105km last year. not a very big race.
  8. Considering that we have a section on RANTS and raves, I think all hubbers, even first time posters should have the right to complain about bad service. Take Andrew Armstrong from the fake Dogma thread for example, first time poster...... almost 150 page informative and captivating thread. If ASG staff are guilty of bad customer service, they should get their act together, the OP and other race entrants pay for an entry, so they are entitled to expect some level of customer service.
  9. Congrats to the OP for getting some justice served on those thieves, and im sure now other LBS will be wary of following a similar path. On a lighter note....... Andrew, How much you selling the Chinarello Dogpoo for? OR can we buy it back from Laurel n Hardy for R 9100, now that they've admitted its a fake?
  10. I guess these okes wont be wearing their club shirts for the Argus
  11. Maybe try a product called Purge, available at some tile shops. try it with a scrubbing brush. works well on polished porcelain tiles, but yours is a ceramic, so not too sure
  12. broke my wrist, had surgery and 2 months later was back on the bike, with a wrist brace.
  13. sub 3 - 94.7 sub 3h30 - Argus Avoid Injury stay fit through winter
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