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  1. Not at all Intern. Most of the time I just try and see what reaction I can get from you hubbers. You guys really do take things so serious. To be honest, I couldn't give a sh*t if you litter or not. But I do get upset when I dont get a reaction, especially when its about something so pedantic as littering.... You guys need to lighten up, you may end up like BigH.
  2. Jesus.... You guys can complain about sh*t. I wish I was there, would have emptied a whole rubbish bag next to you just to see the look on your face. Who gives a crap about a gu wrapper, or the ozone, or the trees in the amazon. They will all still be there when I get to 65. What happens after that is not my problem.
  3. Well if she is suspended and relieved from her duties at CSA, Cycling in South Africa is finished. She is one of the few who knows what she is doing, and who to do it with. If she goes the rest of the baboons running the sport will watch the sinking ship dissapear far faster than it ever would have with her around. Much of Cyclings recent success is atrributed to her. Even when she had to go against the two queers, Dave Bellairs and Lawrance Whittaker she battled on and ensured forward motion. Lets hope Mr Till has the skills and contacts to replace her?
  4. Barry, you supposed to say I am skinny, I have been on a diet for the last few weeks....LOL But serious now, I am not doing any body building competitions.
  5. Pedal Pusher, I think you got the wrong guy. I definately dont do body building and I am definately not going to do any competitions. IF I go to gym, I talk more crap than I train. I think you have me mistaken for someone else.
  6. http://www.clinicalpharmacology.com/apps/images/structures/001/phenylep.gif Now, that little block that looks like the soccer ball is what you after. Any Adrenergic drug with a composition containing this composition will make you go just a little bit faster just a lille bit easier. Provigil, contains Madafinil is what you want to try. A bit pricey, but works great and our idiots in Bloem just can seem to put the finger on it yet.
  7. Bullsh*t story........... Firstly, Ephidrine HCL is only positive for about 24 hours in relatively big doses. If taken in doses prescribed in normal cases for flu etc the dosage never exceeds 25mgs three times per day. This will NOT exceed the maximum limit if you are around the 75 kg mark in any way whatsoever. Secondly, Eben, your ephidrine was not from a flu medicine. It was from one of your pretoria buddies who sold you a 25 gram bottle of Ephidrine HCL BP from Allied pharmaceuticals. That little grey bottle made by Consol with the white lid is not a flu medicine, its Ephidrine in its purest form. Why the hell would you take that anyway. Phenylephrine is at the moment about 90% cheaper, twice as effective, does not effect heart rate and as easy to get as water that goes into your bottle and guess what..... untraceable. Ephidrine HCL will sooon be off the market completely. It is used as an ingridient for too many recreational drugs worldwide and there is a big push to create a substance with similar or better effect that cannot be used to make drugs like KAT, tik or Crystal meth. 2 years ago 1kg would cost about R900 now its sometimes over R50k per kg on the black market. Phenylephrine seems to be the way the WHO is going. The process to make any of these recreational drugs seems to work 100% untill on pesky little ingridient (Chromium oxide) needs to be added. Then it all seems to head south.
  8. Colonel, I hear your sister is quite hot...
  9. Jail will work.... A ban of 2 years is nothing when you have already made a million euro's from previous seasons. If you outlaw it perhaps it will stop. Some will still take a chance and get caught but I think majority will stop. But then again you gop to jail for many years for trafficking Cocaine yet many people still do it. Perhaps its human nature to strive to be the best at all costs.Chunky2008-11-27 14:24:45
  10. Never liked Kat much untill I got to know a master baker, he changed my mind somewhat.
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