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  1. Oh man! I'm sorry guy! That looks like a beauty and clearly a much loved bike! Bleak for you.
  2. Having read this saga, if I was on the jury I'd find in favour of the OP. Agreed that communication could have been slightly better but the overall facts to me are: The buyer and seller agreed terms. The buyer said he'd pay a deposit. He paid this deposit over and the banks on both sides confirmed that the money was in the seller's account. Okay he didn't send POP but as he pointed out and others have backed up, instant payment means the money clears in at most several hours. Usually less. So the money would have been in Wade's account within hours. I think the seller was playing fast and loose with the truth when he said the money wasn't reflecting as a delay tactic or something. There's something fishy going on there because after saying he didn't get the money, suddenly he refunds the buyer! Hmmm!?🤨 The seller behaved in a poor fashion, throwing insults and getting difficult when the buyer started asking about why he was backing out of the deal which to me is a sign of a guilty person. Reading that thread, I think the buyer was justified in feeling pissed when the seller starting playing games. If I had been the seller and got a better offer, I think the only reasonable thing to do is tell the new buyer that he's got first dibs if the original deal falls through. But terms had been agreed and deposit paid. Deal is sealed unless buyer reneges on 2nd part of the payment. At the end of the day, the money has been refunded so nobody was "scammed". The buyer is understandably disappointed both that he didn't get the bike he wanted (which of us wouldn't be bleak not to get your dream bike - you feel like Christmas morning!) and in Wade's behaviour. Wade is guilty of being a dick - that's my verdict!
  3. I won't say it's great, especially compared to Johannesburg which does have incredible weather. But I enjoy "interesting" weather and we get that here. Rain, sleet, snow, hail, sun, wind, heat (okay warmish!). But what we don't get is SUPER hot and actually, in Yorkshire temps never get SUPER cold either. A really cold day here is -5. You adapt and because homes are heated, a day of 0 degrees doesn't FEEL that bad. Your core is warm when you step outside. I was expecting days of grey too which I haven't experienced. The short days do suck in Jan & Feb.
  4. Haha, yeah, not so sure about that. Eg my last ride 34km with 600m climbing. One hill was 1.8km with avg gradient of 9.2%. That's a tough climb. It may not ever get very high here but there are lots of bumps!
  5. Looks awesome! Will put that on my bucket list of rides to do.
  6. Wow, ain't you a bundle of joy and laughter! 🤣
  7. I know many in SA are considering emigrating. I used to live in Randburg, but have now emigrated to West Yorkshire, UK. My experience of cycling here is as follows: Cycling is a BIG sport here in the UK. Everywhere you go, you see cyclists. Whereas in SA, I used to ride 90% MTB, here I do 99% road. That is because where I am based, the road cycling is simply amazing, and MTB riding is not quite as accessible funnily enough. There are MANY walking trails everywhere, but many of them specifically say "No cycling" for some reason. I've also joined up with a bunch of guys who mostly road ride here so that's what I tend to do. I find cycling gear here is cheaper than SA. There are lots of great online stores and especially if you are prepared to buy on sales etc, you can get great stuff for big discounts. Obviously with the pandemic, certain items are hard to get and hence not cheap. Cool thing is that when you buy something online, it typically arrives within about 48 hours or less. The drivers here are largely WAY better than SA in terms of giving you a few inches of space! I am NOT saying it's perfect and I believe much of Europe is much better in terms of respect for cyclists, but I have found the UK to be mostly good. However, there IS a anti-cyclist brigade and a few a-holes that rev their cars as they go by or hoot if you so much as dare to be on the road! I am riding here a lot more than SA. It's so easy to pop out, particularly on a summer evening and do a ride from 8 to 9.30pm! Obviously we are now heading into winter so that's changing but I still love that. In winter, it can of course be $£$& cold but you buy the gear and get on with it. Anyway, here are a few recent photos of my cycling trips. That 2nd photo below is a hill called "Park Rash" with a gradient that reaches 25% at places! Lots of steep hills around here. Had to put on an 11-34 to cope!
  8. Hey there, I bought a pair of Pearl Izumi ELITE Escape AmFIB Bib Tights. These are windproof & water resistant tights that are made of quite a firm-feeling fabric and lined for cold/wet weather riding. They feel more like outdoor mountain wear trousers than the typical lycra feel I am used to with cycling shorts. Since I was on the cusp in terms of size, I bought a medium & large to try out. The mediums fit well around the lower leg & knees, but feel a bit tight around my thighs. I can put them on no problem - I'm just aware that my thighs feel like they're surrounded with a sleeve if you get my meaning. The large pair feel fine around the thighs, but the knees and lower legs are a little baggy. Both pairs are fine in the hips and chamois area. I have zero experience with these "tougher" cold weather bib tights and don't want to regret my purchase. I SUSPECT the medium pair will give a bit with use and a wash or two so that would be perfect then. What do you sage folk think? Get the mediums? 🤔
  9. Hi all, thanks a lot for all the input. Seems pretty unanimous to keep it! So that's what I'll do! Cheers!
  10. Just to report back on this, I did do the trip with bikes attached to the roof racks. Took absolutely AGES to attach the bikes. And even with all that effort, we had to stop on the side of the N3 when we noticed one of the bikes was wobbling. Stood there in the rain sorting it out! Overall, I would say that whilst it did work, I am not sure I'd repeat the exercise if I had a choice and also, I would be worried about damaging bikes doing this. It's not recommended (by me anyway!)
  11. Hi all I am heading to the UK (Leeds/Harrogate/York area). I have a 2015 Giant Trance Aluminium frame with SLX components. I've upgraded this with American Classic Wide Lightning rims and Giant Dropper Post but the rest of the bike is stock standard. Bike is still in good condition with no issues. Should I take it with me or sell it here? We've got a shipping container going over so should have space to send it. Appreciate any opinions.
  12. Thanks for that! I saw that ad - I am based in Randburg, Gauteng. If I was in the Western Cape, I would definately check that out.
  13. Hi all, I am planning a few days away with the family and this creates a problem - I gotta take 4 bikes and I have a 2 bike carrier! So, I've been researching getting a rooftop carrier to take the 2 additional bikes. But they aren't that cheap. I was wondering, why not attach 2 bikes directly onto the roof racks? If you tied the wheels directly onto the bar of the roof rack with straps and then put some further "guy" straps to the handlebar and seatpost to support the bike in an upright position, I don't see why I need a bike rack for this "once every 6 months" requirement. I have those "proper" straps that have a ratchet that you can use to make the straps really tight so nothing moves. I have Thule roof racks. Or am I kidding myself? And I'll end up with a bicycle handlebar through my roof or worse - flying off the roof? Any advice?
  14. You must wring out your bandana into the toilet cistern after every ride. Brush your teeth every other day. Put wine in your camelpack! Sorted...
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