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  1. Can you watch races on Eurosport and Disc+ on demand, or can you only watch live? ie can you start watching anytime during live feed and start watching from the start like on GCN+ and RedbullTV? Some of the " alternative" options Ive tried now you can only watch Eurosport, but only live, like DSTV
  2. I suggest rather stay away. Looks super dodge, check reviews on Hellopeter
  3. Both my daughters were on Stans Crest Mk3 32 hole wheelsets, one had Hope hubs and the other with Shimano SLX hubs. Used light as possible spokes. Ended up way more expensive than I planned for but were worthwhile. And were very light. Reason for 32 holes was it was all that was in stock in 24" 24 hole hubs and rims are very scarce. Sold both wheelsets recently on the hub. I still have a set of 24" Maxxis 2.2 tires for sale though. As tires are another headache. I imported Schwalbe's, but again painfully expensive. Best bet for fork is old Fox 26" dropped down to 70-80mm travel with simple internal plastic spacers. Nothing comes close to it. Youre welcome to PM me for more details on the wheels.
  4. Shimano 10 spd for the win: You can easily get new Deore 10spd casette (11-42 or 46) and derailleur. This trick is to find a good old 10spd XTR shifter to pair it with. In run it on my normal bike and ebike. The difference in smooth shifting between SRAM Eagle and Shimano Deore very noticeable on ebike.....
  5. Dirk have you checked out the XCO provincial races? More technical, but much smaller field.
  6. My daughters aged 8 and 10 also did their first school race this past weekend in Gauteng. They were unseeded, so we tried to have them just behind the seeded riders and positioned at the outside and also outside of the first corner. The youngest still had someone stopping in front of her on the start, but at least no crashing. The older one had a good start on the outside. They now have good seedings for the next race. They need to learn to manage traffic during the rest of the race when catching slower riders. (and very few will make space for a faster rider coming through) It seems your on the right track, just keep at it, don't let him despair after one crash, or poor race. Important for the parents to not have high expectations or pressure on them. PS oldest also on a Rhyme 😉
  7. My kids (7 and 9) have these cranks on their bikes in 140mm https://prevelo.com/products/heir-direct-mount-crank?variant=32105296167014 uses standard Shimano BB and has SRAM direct mnt interface so they can run 28t chainrings.
  8. Does anyone have information about Roodeplaat MTB Trails? Apparently is the old Buffelsdrift According to Gauteng cycling the 4th enduro provincial will be held there
  9. Ive got an Orbea Rise. Have had to deal with their customer service on 2 occasions. Getting spare derailleur hanger and warranty claim on chainstay. Once you know who to talk to it gets sorted quite quickly. If you DM me I'll share contact details. I would definitely recommend the brand. Their website is now also updated with local pricing. And they are willing to special order options thats not locally available.
  10. Hi I have the same issue with my Prado, and Amarok. Im busy designing my own one. If you interested I can keep you posted. Regards Christie
  11. I had something like this on a Bantam bakkie years ago. The Bantam had a "cab protector" fram e behind the cab rear window. I mounted a fork mount bracket to that and bolted the fork in place on that. Rear wheel rested on the loadbed cover. I made a bracket bolted to the cover to keep it in place with bunji cords. The gas struts was strong enough to open the lid with the bike (x2) on it. Since the fork was attached to the bakkie frame, the lid only had to lift half the bike mass and it pivoted around the fork bracket. Put the front wheel inside the load bin. Worked really nice. I may have a photo somewhere but will have to do some digging to find it
  12. you can also look at Grootfontein and Wolwespruit in Pretoria
  13. There's a couple of Facebook groups for the EX-E. Consider joining one of those, You will get a lot of info there.
  14. Thats a fair point, Ive also had to load a bike onto a Thule with a flat tire, no issue. But could be problematic on something like the 1 Up
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