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  1. "I" Please bring back the comments. I just looked at an ad for a "recently bought" bike. "In my opinion" there's not way that bike is recently bought. I'd like to say that. If I'm wrong, seller can correct me.
  2. I'm happy with the 170's, but after doing some reading I'm sure 165's would suit me better. I've also submitted warranty claim, and if they honour that, i'll go for 165's. For now i'm back on my old 175's and it's incredible the number of pedal strikes i'm getting. so 165 would be perfect i reckon
  3. Thank you, will definitely get in touch.
  4. Thanks for all the comments, I really appreciate the quick replies. I'm on the same page, just wanted to see if any other options. I did speak to one of the carbon experts, and the advice corresponds!
  5. Hi I have RaceFace SIXC carbon cranks, 170mm. Awesome, except that the pedal insert has come loose. (Thread not stripped.) Apparently that cannot be fixed, but any comments on that also welcome. What I was thinking is whether I can go extreme and shorten the cranks to say 162,5. This would involve cutting etc.. It would need to be done by a very seasoned carbon expert. I'm sure the right answer is "no", for various reasons, but I thought worth a shot. Thanks JL
  6. Thanks for your great comments. Upgrading wife's groupset to XT 1x12 and she has Stans 3.30. If it wasn't for this thread, I would have had to build a complete new wheel!
  7. Hi Great pic. Is that Bloemendal or Helderberg? Thanks JL
  8. The UCT jumps have been upgraged. Super sick ones. Does anyone know where i can find a mellow pump track? Thanks JL
  9. Pics attached... Next step is to make the ramp shorter... Hopefully future pics don't turn too bloody!!
  10. I actually made a very non-portable one this afternoon. I tipped a Grecian water bath onto its side, stabilised it with braai wood, put a board over it, and voila!! Now I must just figure out how to upload a pic or two..
  11. Hi All Lockdown is getting tough, but 1 May is Freedom Day! Even if only allowing me to ride down my street. I'm VERY VERY keen to build/get a portable ramp. Any suggestions? This one looked super awesome!! Thanks JL
  12. Resting heart rate might not be the best, but it works for me as well. And similar to mudsimus: around 5 beats to high when i wake up means i need to chill. 10 or more and the cold is coming. Heart rate variability also sounds great, but just more difficult to measure accurately except with great watch as far as i'm aware.
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