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  1. Must be the frustration of missing out on Olympics (road) on a course that would have suited her... now Ash will get support for... I better keep quiet
  2. I've been descaling my Mythos (religiously) every month and wanted to know how often it is required... but it seems like my Mythos keeps track of that and gave me a notification (I assume based on usage) to descale
  3. Quick question: How often would you recommend to descale your Bean to Cup machine in Joburg (I have a Mythos) and which mixture would you recommend that can easily be purchased and is affordable - thanks!! I've been using the Dezcal descaler sachets (28 grams) which I mix in the water container before activating the Descale option on my machine. It's been a while - howsit all :)
  4. Nexus sorted this out very smoothly at a reasonable price - the surge had fried most of the electronics!! Got the machine back just in time!!
  5. Does anyone have any experience with a Power Surge hitting a Mythos X1 OT Bean to cup machine by any tiny small chance... A power surge hit our road The insurance appointed electronics company declared the machine dead and max payout is R5k per item But they said they will return the machine to me. Would it be worth having the coffee machine expert - e.g. Nexus have the machine checked out. Besides Nexus - anyone closer who could assess it - I'm Fairland based. Don't they have a fuse?! Thanks - dankie - ngiyabonga!
  6. When I went for my Iliac artery endofribosis I kept on setting the alarm off with a min set at 40 - took a while for me to explain I was fit and they need to set the limit lower
  7. Does anyone know who can service a Mythos X1 OT coffee machine besides Nexus in Pretoria? I'm in the Fairland / NorthCliff area so ideally want to find a service place that's not 60 km away. Nexus has been great so if I can find a gap I'll make the trip or get it couriered there and back. Looks like I've got a pressure (valve) issue Thanks!
  8. Did they organise these for you? My order arrived yesterday and I had asked for the same combo via email and got a response my message was sent to the packing team but 3 x Barzo were in my box I've asked if I can exchange these at Cyclelab... I should have selected the 3 x Saguaro to start with...
  9. I would have changed banks a long time ago... but this is making me NOT do it! I only use it for SARS as wife and I share her account, meaning I do everything in her name No need to pay bank fees x 2 and easy to get to Ebucks reward level 5
  10. I submitted yesterday and payment received today!!
  11. My wife's holiday cycling stats - 2 weeks and 2 days: Sunday: 54.74 km - 2h2m - 457 m Week 1: 784.4km - 27h20m - 6,510m Week 2: 712.5km - 28h37m - 11,128m Monday: 104.64 km - 4h1m - 698 m TOTAL 1656km CSA African Championships and CSA EU trip prep! Cycling in Belgium and Spain (Banyoles - what a great place Ash and her parents are finishing off - https://www.rocacorbacycling.cc/) Even I will battle soon to keep up with her on the road - I blame my kid sitting duties
  12. Slightly OFF topic but need some advise... My commuter GIANT XTC 9-speed didn't survive (alu top tube kinked and was advised not to ride fast with it anymore if fixed) my 28 Feb 2018 commuting crash... repairs on wheels etc would be > R5k. I've been using my Giant Anthem Advanced 29'er Full Suss since I was allowed to ride again but there is no need for a full suss to commute and the maintenance isn't cheap. So I'm looking for an affordable commuter bike. A gravel bike perhaps (not many affordable ones available second hand) or do I just stick to a 26'er given I have parts like tires, chain, cassette (9-speed though). Else I try sell my 9-speed parts and go 26'er or 29'er 10 speed. I have 300 m altitude gain on my 13 km to work so a fixie isn't an option and I don't want something too heavy as time is money and I'm often broken after an Engen ride/race before my commute
  13. I guess one can just add it to the water container and drink it - when last have you de-scaled??!
  14. That's why my commutes aren't loaded - getting it from my Sigma (cheap monitor) to Strava is enough admin when I get to work Else that 50k mark would have been LONG gone I'm working at Hollard (13km) now (changed from MTN - 5km) so at least I have a worthwhile commute again! Sorted a locker for my shoes and laptop here and cycling clothes and towel hang on my desk It's about 8 degrees when I leave for work (all uphill) so cold isn't a problem! I commuted with a motorbike in Belgium for about 8 years so I laugh when people say it's too cold to commute by bicycle... so often did I have to hug my engine for a few mins before I could feel my hands and lock my motorbike!!
  15. Also got a bag of Holy Roller - was weird & uncomfortable holding it the first time!
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