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  1. No thanks. The dirt section on the old R4V route was bad enough, and that was only a few hundred metres long. Each to his own, but for me it's a no-go. I wouldn't enter.
  2. I'm not 68 - although not far off - but if it was me, I would try all options before switching to an ebike (ie riding with a more compatible group, reducing weight on bike and body, easier gearing etc). My thinking is that once the switch is made, the days of "proper" riding are over for good. I just don't like the finality of it. Having said that however, we are all different, perhaps your circumstances leave you with no other option. If that is the case, then rather ride an ebike than no bike. Just my 2c - happy pedalling, whether assisted or not.
  3. This. I call BS on the incorrect adjustment story. Chain rubbing is one thing, impact damage is another. No amount of chain rub would bend a ring like that. The OP needs to put on his big girl panties and accept responsibility for what has gone wrong. That damage was not caused by Cannondale or bike shop setup..
  4. You do NOT need a licence for recreational use. So long as you don't behave like an idiot (flying close to people / spying on the neighbour's wife at the pool / flying too close to an airport) you will be fine. I have flown my drones for years in the Midrand area, and never had a single issue, even with Grand Central airport being in the vicinity. I keep my drones line of sight at all times, below 400ft, and if I hear a small plane or helicopter anywhere nearby, I land it until they are gone. It's not difficult to enjoy the hobby without endangering or pissing off other people. Wrt SA prices, we are being reamed. I have bought all my drones off ebay from US suppliers, paid Fedex their $80-$90, paid SA customs their VAT, and always landed it much cheaper than local suppliers. Takes a few days longer, a bit more effort, but works out fine for me. If however you are one of those people who needs to see and touch before buying, and have the salesman assure you that you have a no-question warrranty, then pay local prices. Wrt the Mavic Platinum, great drone but now "obsolete" since the release of the Mavic Pro 2. So long as you don't mind flying an older drone, it will do everything you want it to do, and more. A huge bonus on the Platinum is that it is one of the quietest drones available, and even if that doesn't seem an important feature to you now, trust me, you will be very glad to have the reduced noise, once you actually fly it.
  5. If it's an obviously used item, and part of your checked luggage on a return ticket, you won't have any hassles with customs. I'd be willing to bet they won't even open the box.
  6. I'm also in Midrand and also still waiting. Dawn wing and Midrand don't go together, that's for sure. My parcel was being delivered on Wednesday, didn't arrive. Then it was with the driver (again) yesterday, didn't arrive. Now it's Friday, and guess what? Still nothing. Dawn wing service sucks balls, and they lie more than an old watch. CWC is not doing themselves any favours using this bunch of dishonest twits.
  7. Glad to update that Chris has sorted this out. Payment done, happy days.
  8. CWC's site is a total piece of crap. Been trying to place an order since lunchtime today, 3 times it has stuffed out at time of payment. The saving isn't worth the frustration, I've had enough of trying to give them money.
  9. What amazes me with all these bike shop break in's - and this is not an attack on the owners, merely an observation - is how the criminals always target the front door, and how easily they breach that door. No bars, double locks, trellidoors, bugger all. It's simply a case of stop, pop and shop. Shop owners are making it too easy for these scumbags to operate.
  10. Cassie, I know you ordered one of those bikes to replace your Merida. Come on, own up
  11. I think we have to accept that in this country we are not safe doing anything in a public space. The gun carry topic has been discussed many times, with many differing opinions, and most seem to agree that carrying a gun while riding alone is probably risky. However, I have been involved in several group rides of 6 - 10 riders, where we have designated one competent gun handler as a carrier. Everyone in the group knows he is carrying, and we make sure he is always placed in the best protected position in the group, in areas of high risk. In my opinion this is a workable solution, and I have felt very secure knowing that if anything hits the fan, we at least have a fighting chance of repelling armed attackers. It's not ideal, but neither are our living conditions in this country.
  12. LOL. Can you just imagine how much worse it would be right now if the cANCer was running it.... now that's a scary thought. Problem with slaapstad is too many people in not enough space. Been telling my "we don't have crime" family down there to get their heads out of their butts for a long time. Capies think they live in a different country, but crime is gonna wake them up and tear them a new one very soon.
  13. Falco

    Chain line

    Check the limit adjuster screws on the rear derailleur, it's maybe not allowing the chain to fully engage.
  14. Falco

    94.7 vs Argus

    If the Argus ended at the top of Sbossie (+-same distance as 94.7), there would be tons of sub 3's and everyone would probably agree that it is easier than the 94.7. Until you get a really windy day.....
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